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  1. New members
    1. No new members at this instance of the meeting
  2. Status of Process & Roles TF
    1. Call for volunteers from across the WGs to come forward to contribute. David Luchuk has been instrumental in outreach towards generating volunteer interest. If you need access to the document please reach out to Scott Perry for comments etc
    2. Kalyan Kulkarni introduced a new member (Ravikant) who would be interested in contributing to this.
  3. Status of Governance Architecture TF
    1. The group has been generating interest in the available wiki pages and the content will be converted into Markdown format to prepare them as a deliverable
    2. Dan Gisolfi , Steven Milstein and Victor Golubkov have been working on making the repository available as discussed in the deliverables process
    3. Sovrin, GLEIF, GS1 and Lumedic are working on Governance Frameworks which use the framework provided by GA TF including the metamodel
      1. By end 2021 there is expected to be around a dozen off GFs which are based on the meta model
  4. Governance Stack Design Principles Pre-Draft Deliverable.
  5. Brief on timeline and collaboration plan for the GSWG + TSWG 5-deliverable package
  6. Principles of SSI (Draft Deliverable and proposed Task Force) - please listen to recording about the background and context to the genesis of Principles of SSI (PoSSI)
    1. Victor Golubkov How will ToIP check and/or enforce if an organization is really following SSI principles?
    2. Task Force Page - Principles of SSI Task Force
    3. Task Force volunteers
      1. Drummond Reed
      2. sankarshan
      3. Steve McCown
      4. Karl Kneis
      5. Daniel Bachenheimer
      6. Andre Kudra
      7. Kalyan Kulkarni
  7. Decentralized SSI Governance white paper (for consideration as Pre-Draft Deliverable)
  8. Governance Stack Design Principles (Draft Deliverable)
  9. Recap from ToIPF Webinar - ToIP & Government
  10. Digital Trust Ecosystems
  11. Review of Decisions and Action Items
  12. Next meeting