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This document is contains core components of the Principal Document or the Yoma Ecosystem Governance Framework from the ToIP Metamodel.  It is used to define governance framework (GF) components in our experimental agile approach to GF development.

The documents are now being drafted in g-docs 

DocumentBorrowingTF LeadToIP ExpertiseLink
Primary Document
NickyGov Stack WG - MetamodelPrimary Document
GlossarySovrin Ecosystem GF?Concepts & Terminology WG
Risk Assessment & Trust Assurance / Certification
FredTrust Assurance TF
Governance RequirementsUNICEF Manifesto
Gov Stack WG
Business Requirements 
Clayton BondEcosystem Foundry

Legal Requirements

Legal Agreements

  1. Yoma Terms of Use #Layer4
  2. Credential Issuer Agreement #Layer3
  3. Credential Verifier Agreement #Layer3
  4. Provider Agreement #Layer2

Aamir working w/ EY?

Technical Requirements
Lohan & WillTech Stack WG
Information Trust RequirementsUNICEF ManifestoMark P?Trust Assurance TF
Inclusion, Fairness & Accessibility RequirementsSovrin Ecosystem GFNickyHuman Experience WG
Controlled Doc: Token Policies & Rules #Layer3
Lohan (Marlon Parker)

Controlled Doc: Machine Readable Governance Policies & Rules #Layer4Aries RFC 503Lohan & Will, Maha

Controlled Doc: Credentials Rules & Policies #Layer3CCI / GHPNickyGHP TF
Controlled Doc: Utility Rules & Policies #Layer1Sovrin Utility GFSankarshan?Utility Foundry WG
Controlled Doc: Custodian Rules & Policies #Layer3 Sovrin Guardianship WGNicky, Kaliya

Controlled Doc: AI Policies & Rules #Layer4UNICEF AI PolicyIain B

Controlled Doc: Provider Rules & Policies #Layer2

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  1. Scope - Add list of artifacts (e.g. credential types) that will be exchanged within the governance framework

    Objectives - The existing content is a list of requirements maybe better suited for the General Requirements (Primary Policies) section.  The Objectives section should be a list of outcomes (results that can be measured at a stated point or period of time.