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The purpose of this document is to capture ideas of white papers the TF can use to begin identifying processes and policies that need to be consider for ToIP publication, with the intent to bring these first efforts to official publications under ToIP.

This page is meant for creative thoughts and ideas - we encourage all to participate

Papers in Development

Link to White Paper Portal

Link to Google Drive

1ToIP WP0010: Introduction to ToIP White PaperThe mission of this new Foundation is to simplify and standardize how trust is established online so that everyone can feel safe, secure, and private in all of our digital interaction —whether between individuals, businesses, governments, or any “thing” on the Internet of Things. This white paper will cover such topics as digital trust, the ToIP stack and Foundation roles and process.EFWG Draft Approval - 2020.11.30
2ToIP WP0020: Digital Trust Market Place FAQThis white-paper provides ToIP answers to frequently asked questions pertinent to the maturation of successful ecosystems within a digital trust marketplaceEFWG Draft Approval - 2020.11.30
3Decentralized Resource Identifiers in the Research LandscapeA new ecosystem of decentralized research identifiers is proposed that offers benefits of decentralization, interoperability, security, and scalability compared to current implementations.

EFWG Draft Approval - 2021.02.25

EFWG Final Approval - 2021.03.11

4Decentralized SSI Governance, The Missing Link in Automating Business DecisionsObjective of the white paper is to explore a set of related ideas that can be collectively referred to as "decentralized SSI governance" in order to support organizations as they transform their IT, business-process artifacts (e.g., forms), and policies to realize opportunities in adopting SSI.EFWG Draft Approval - 2021.04.01
5ToIP Approach to the Mobile Driver's License (mDL) Ecosystem 

6Enabling VC in Primary Ag - Exploration of Data Cooperatives as Governance Authorities and the Realization of Market Opportunities

7Society 5.0 and The Role of VC  - Healthy Supply Chains for a Healthy Society

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