The Technology Architecture Task Force (TATF) is a task force of the ToIP Technology Stack Working Group. The mission of the TATF is to draft the ToIP Technology Architecture Specification that defines the overall technical requirements for the four layers of the ToIP stack. Note: this specification is intended to serve as a direct a counterpart to the ToIP Governance Architecture Specification deliverable from the GSWG Governance Architecture TF. (The full set of first-generation ToIP Governance Stack specifications are described in this ToIP blog post.)


#1: ToIP Technology Architecture Specification

The primary deliverable of this Task Force is the ToIP Technical Architecture Specification—a specification of the overall architectural requirements for each of the four layers of the ToIP stack and how each is abstracted from the layer below. The requirements in this specification will guide the selection and/or development of a set of component specifications as required to enable the complete four layer stack. See the Evolution of the ToIP Stack for a full backgrounder on the development stages for the ToIP stack.

#2: ToIP Primer for Policymakers

A second deliverable of this Task Force is a document written explicitly for policymakers, governing authorities, analysts, and other non-technical audiences who need to deeply understand the purpose, uses, and implications of the ToIP stack but do not need (or want) to dive into the technical details. Work on this document has not yet commenced, but a link will be added here as soon as it has.


Please add your name to this list if you wish to be a lead:

  • Darrell O'Donnell, Continuum Loop
  • Drummond Reed, Gen
  • Wenjing Chu, Futurewei

Membership and Joining

Prior to participating in the meetings please ensure that you are a member of the Trust Over IP Foundation. Contributor level membership is available to anyone at no cost. Details can be found at this link.

To join this TF, add your name to this list:

Meeting Schedule and Notes

Starting in 2023, this TF currently holds one meeting every four weeks on Wednesdays at 08:00-09:00 PT / 16:00-17:00 UTC. Please check the ToIP Calendar for current times and Zoom links for these meetings. (Note that in the other three weeks, this same time slot is used for TSWG plenary meetings and other TSWG task force meetings.)

Meeting Notes, including Zoom recordings, are kept for every meeting — see the Meeting Page for an index.

Meetings agendas are also announced on the ToIP Slack channel #tswg-tech-arch-tf. Please join us there.


The first major milestone of the Task Force is publication of the first public review draft of the ToIP Technical Architecture V1.0 Specification prior to the Fall Internet Identity Workshop, Nov 15-17, 2022.

The next milestones are the publication of the second public review draft (and, if necessary, a third), followed by the publication of the final 1.0 specification.

Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright, Patent, Source Code)

As a Task Force (TF) of the Technology Stack WG (TSWG), the TATF inherits the IPR terms from the TSWG JDF Charter.

Mailing List and Communications

This task force uses the following for communications

  • Mailing List: This TF is not using a separate mailing list but sending all emails to the full Technology Stack WG mailing list.
  • Slack: The ToIP Slack channel is #tswg-tech-arch-tf.