A core principle of the Trust over IP Foundation is self-organization—encouraging members to form new Working Groups or Task Forces as they best see fit to best drive the work forward. This page describes the simple, lightweight process for doing this.

To Form a New Task Force (TF)

Task Force is a lightweight informal self-organization mechanism that does not require a formal JDF charter. A TF can be formed directly under the Steering Committee (SC) or any WG.

  1. For a Foundation-Wide TF, first socialize your proposal with the Executive Director or any SC member; for a WG TF, socialize your proposal with the WG Chairs or other WG members. Ideally the SC or WG records a formal call for consensus to approve the formation of the TF, but this is not strictly required.
  2. When you are ready to proceed, add a new wiki page under the wiki page for the TF parent
    1. For a Steering Committee TF, add it under the Steering Committee page.
    2. For a WG TF, add it under the WG Home page.
  3. Make the page name the proposed name of your new TF.
  4. Fill out the wiki page following the template of an existing Task Force page (use this one).
  5. Make sure to announce your new TF to the full ToIP membership using the Slack #general channel and the All-Member mailing list.
  6.  Begin your work!

To Form a New Working Group (WG)

Working Group is a formal collaboration forum with an official charter meeting the requirements of our Joint Development Foundation (JDF) operating policies. Only Working Groups can develop official Trust over IP Foundation deliverables.

  1. Hold informal discussions as needed with your own team or other ToIP members to develop your idea to the point you are ready to propose the new WG.
  2. Once you have determined there is enough interest to proceed (which is strictly your decision—there is no specific threshold), contact the Executive Director (John Jordan) and/or Director of Strategic Engagements (Judith Fleenor) for guidance on preparing a formal WG charter.
  3. Prepare a draft of the charter (using whatever collaboration tool is most convenient, such as a Google doc, a Markdown doc, or this wiki).
  4. Once you are ready, notify the Executive Director that you are ready to submit your Charter for approval by the ToIP Steering Committee (which meets monthly).
  5. Once the WG is approved, a wiki page will be created to serve as your Working Group home page (like this one) and an announcement will be made to the full ToIP membership.

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  1. While not specifically a part of this How To document, would it be useful to mention that WGs and TFs would be expected to determine a specific timebox (each quarter, every 6 months or whatever is convenient) to update the wider membership about progress on objectives and upcoming plans?