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Meeting Schedule


Agenda Items & Meeting Notes 

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • EFWG Community Topics 
    • Drummond: Technology Architecture Task Force report on technical stack is coming out soon. 
    • Eric: Considering August 2022 hiatus, suspending two meetings for the month, conversation and work continuing via slack and email. 
  • Presentation: Heather Vescent, IDPro "The Profession of Identity". 
    • Heather Vescent is a digital identity industry thought leader and futurist with more than a decade of experience delivering strategic intelligence consulting to governments, corporations and entrepreneurs. Vescent’s research has been covered in the New York Times, CNN, American Banker, CNBC, Fox and the Atlantic. She is co-author of the The Secrets of Spies, The Cyber Attack Survival Manual and The Comprehensive Guide to Self Sovereign Identity. 

Presentation Files



Started at IDPro as ED in March 2022. 



Support identity professionals and the practice of digital identity through... 

Learning materials (articles at this point) by community volunteers like Heather Flanagan. Codification of tribal knowledge. 

Free and open access to the BoK. No membership required. Still gaps to be filled, articles to be written, including decentralized knowledge. 


This is a baseline of identity knowledge. Fills a gap in the certification market: entry level, hands-on experience. 

Amazon is a champion sponsor of IDPRO. They bought exams in bulk for their team. Team building through preparing for exams and BoK contributions. 

IDPro is becoming a part of the identity professions' ecosystems. 

Benefits of memberships... 


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If you want your name on the invite, reach out to Elisa Trevino (on slack), she will put your name in the calendar invite to make sure that the invite is sent out each time.

Coming up 

  • Next presentation: Keerthi Thomas, Digital Catapult, TBD