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  • November 05, 2020 11am edt

Attendees (32)

Agenda Items

1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeKarl Kneis
4 minIntroduction of new membersKarl Kneis
5 minCo-chair introductionRJ Reiser
5 minMarket Consultation for Digital Identity Ecosystem Invitation - Ontario Onwards: Ontario's COVID-19 Action PlanDavid Luchuk
20 minColoured Gemstone Mine-to Market ecosystem project updateEric Drury
10 minEcosystem White Paper Task Force Chair introductionKaren Hand
10 minEFWG Solution Pack UpdateSteve Magennis
5 minCall for volunteers on Solution Pack deliverablesAll


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Agenda & Discussion Notes

  1. 32 Members have joined the call
  2. We all agree to form a Tiger Team to work with Ontario Government - Market Consultation - Members (please add your name to the list to join) Co-Chair RJ Reiser  Co-Chair Darrell O'Donnell, Karen Hand , Drummond ReedKen Adler Carly Huitema Steve Magennis Scott Perry

List of shared links in meeting chat

     1.   Drummond Reed The supply chain scenario is actually perfect for VCs. See this blog post from Anil John at the Department of Homeland Security RE supply chains:

     2. Drummond Reed Take a look at the verifier-pays-issuer model that Lumedic Exchange is introducing for healthcare credentials.


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Action items

  • We need members to sign up for Solution Pack deliverables.  We just need to get it started.  White Paper Task Force