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Working Group members are invited to enumerate general use cases which we may wish to support or enable.

Ecosystem Operators

  • Shared Problem
    • Consortium of Peers: Each party is more of less equal in terms of the utility they receive from the solution, and how much data, time and money they contribute. Example: Trade finance settlement.
    • Supply Chain: Each party plays a different, often competitive role across a shared ecosystem with different utility, value and cost. Example: Tracking prescription drugs, digital advertising, logistics/shipping
  • Benefactor
    • Not For Profit: Organizations whose charter prioritizes distribution of benefits over generation of revenue. Able to invest time and money into systems without the same expectation of financial ROI and competitive advantage as for-profit organizations. Example: Healthcare, philanthropic foundations, government
  • Directed Solution
    • Business Network: Dominant industry player(s) uses their position to drive adoption of an ecosystem among network participants. Example: Auto manufacturer supply chain
    • Internal Enterprise: Company mandates use of system by employees, devices and partners.

Network Operators

TBD - cloud vendors, level 1 vendors?

Software & Service Vendors

  • Platform
    • System providing multiple aspects of functionality and customizability subject to varying degrees of criticality levels of compliance. Example: Credential management system, enterprise key management system, general purpose cloud user-agent service
  • Utility
    • Components with relatively smaller functional scope and or less customizable. Example: Mobile wallet, secured storage API, bank transaction API service

Hardware Vendors

TBD - mobile devices, biometric devices?

Systems Integrators

Commercial organizations that architect, implement and operate systems on behalf of their clients. The systems may consist of OTS and custom components and are configured for specific business needs. The design specifications, compliance and operation levels may need to be formally declared in the context of ToIP classification levels. Examples: Global SI's implementing a pharmaceutical supply chain system that requires 'X' compliance and certification for hand held scanners, 'Y' compliance and certification for authorization proofing and 'Z' compliance and certification for high value transactions. 

Certification Authorities