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Judith Fleenor  kicked off the meeting with the AntiTrust policy and shared the agenda with the members. 

Welcome New Members: 

Contributor Organizations

Contributor Individuals

Thapar Institute Of Engineering And Technology (Dev Goyal)

Jessica Lim

Jonathan Rayback

Janos Mohacsi

Kor Dwarshuis

Dave Poltorak

Working Group Updates:

Concepts and Terminology Working Group

ToIP Glossary

We now have over 350 terms defined in the ToIP Glossary
These are terms that we want to harmonize across all ToIP deliverables.
This does not preclude any WG or TF from defining additional specialized terms for their own work
Next step: schedule reviews with each of our WGs and TFs to:
See if there are any issues with terms already included
See if the WG or TF needs additional terms added

Terminology Engine V2 (TEv2)

These tools can ingest term sources, curate the terms, and produce machine-readable and human-readable outputs
They can also automatically hyperlink terms to their glossary definitions within a Markdown document (including being able to show Wikipedia-style ‘popups’ in HTML versions)
We hope to have the TEv2 toolset ready in January
Several TSWG TFs are planning to use TEv2 to publish the terminology for their specifications and papers.

Meeting Times - CTWG

Every other Monday
10:00 Pacific / 13:00 Eastern / 17:00 UTC

Technology Stack Working Group

Seven Active Task Forces

  1. Technology Architecture Task Force (spec in public review)
  2. Authentic Chained Data Container (ACDC) Task Force
  3. AI & Metaverse Task Force ⇐ NEW CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
  4. Trust Registry Task Force   ⇐ SECOND GENERATION
  5. Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force    ⇐ NEW IN JANUARY
  6. Credential Exchange Protocols Task Force    ⇐ NEW IN JUNE
  7. did:webs Task Force     ⇐ NEW IN AUGUST

Potential New Task Force: X.509 VIDs

  • Our Internet Identity Workshop presentations on the Trust Spanning Protocol (TSP) attracted the attention of Eric Scouten, Program Manager for Adobe’s Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI)
  • Eric would like to make sure there is a way to use a traditional X.509 digital certificate as a Verifiable Identifier (VID) with the TSP.
  • He is willing to co-chair a new X.509 VID Task Force.
  • Adobe’s ToIP membership is in process, and Eric hopes to launch this new TF by the end of the year.

AI and Metaverse Task Force 

  • The AI and Metaverse Task Force (AIMTF) has an outstanding call for participation: Authentic Generative AI initiative proposes to study and specify approaches and methods to enhance authenticity & trustworthiness of GAI. Read about the proposal background & express your interests in this PROPOSAL doc. Join the meeting to discuss the proposal on Dec 21.
  • In addition: in the next AIMTF meeting on Dec 7, Steven Milstein and Savita Farooqui will respectively present ways to use GPT LLM powered AI tools in ToIP.
  • This is part of the ongoing series of expert and community presentations in AIMTF. If you are interested to be a presenter or want to recommend a person/topic, please contact Anita Rao.

Technology Architecture Task Force

a.First Public Review Draft published Nov 2022

b.Waiting for TF feedback to publish Second Public Review Draft

c.Working asynchronously — only meeting as needed

  • Two major tasks are largely finished

a.Canonical Use Cases for the ToIP Stack

b.ToIP Glossary

Final task: 3rd generation conceptual diagram of the ToIP stack

Trust Registry Task Force 2.0

  • Meeting every Thursday (NA/EU & APAC)
  • Deliverables Planned:
    • Trust Registry Protocol Specification
    • Trust Registry Protocol Companion Guide
    • Profile Discovery Specification
  • Both Working Draft specifications are advancing nicely with expectation of drafts by end-2023

Trust Spanning Protocol Task Force

  • Meets every Wednesday (both NA/EU and APAC)
  • Deliverable is the ToIP Trust Spanning Protocol Specification
  • The Working Draft is advancing very nicely — major kudos to lead author Wenjing Chu and “Hawkeye” Sam Smith
  • If you want to learn more about the seven pillars of the design, we highly recommend this August ToIP blog post:

ACDC Task Force

Lance Byrd

Weekly meetings take place on Tuesday

DID Method webs Task Force

  • Rationale for this new TF: The founders realized they could fix the security flaws of the did:web method by “tunneling” a self-certifying AID (autonomic identifier) inside a did:web URL
  • This also provides a bridge between DIDs and KERI (which uses AIDs)
  • The TF is meeting Fridays at 15:00 UTC
  • The goal is reach a 1.0 release of the specification by December 15, 2023
    • November 2023 to complete major/minor changes
    • First 2 weeks of December 2023 to complete review

Other TSWG Task Forces

  • AI & Metaverse TF
    • Meets every other Thursday, 09:00-10:00 PT / 16:00-17:00 UTC
  • Credential Exchange Protocols TF
    • Meets every Wednesday, 06:00-07:00 PT / 01:00-02:00 UTC

Meeting Time -TSWG

Plenary meeting once every four weeks on Tuesdays

NA/EU: 08:00-09:00 PT, 16:00-17:00 UTC

APAC: 18:00-19:00 PT, 02:00-03:00 UTC

Governance Stack Working Group

Three active Task Forces

  • The Governance Architecture TF - Model for the Governance side of the ToIP Stack
  • The Attraction Pass TF creating a model use case for ToIP ecosystem governance.
  • The Issuer Requirements TF - Creating a Governance Metamodel compliant set of requirements targeted to just issuers.

Governance Architecture TF

Attraction Pass Task Force

  • Mapping Trust Paths (VCs, Registries, GLEIF delegation model) onto Attraction Pass ecosystem
    • Covered the path for Bob (Pass buyer) to trust a Pass Sales Agent, purchase a block of passes
    • In Progress - How the Attraction Pass Parties/Actors apply and track Pass changes and how Charlie (Pass Verifier) validates Passes at the attraction venue

Issuer Requirements TF

  • Completed first pass of comments
  • Ready for broader review by GSWG
  • Once reviewed, likely to split doc into
    • Specification
    • Template
    • Companion Guide

Meeting Time - GSWG

GSWG - every fourth Thursday

  • 11: Pacific / 14: Eastern / 18:00 UTC

Governance Architecture TF - alternate Wednesdays

  • Americas: 16: Pacific / 19: Eastern / 23: UTC
  • APAC/EU: 01: Pacific / 04: Eastern / 08: UTC

Issuer Requirements TF - alternate Wednesdays

  • NA/EU: 7: Pacific / 10: Eastern / 14: UTC
  • APAC: 21: Tues EST/ 6:30 Weds IST/ 11: Weds AEST

Attractions Pass TF - alternate Tuesdays

8: PT / 11: EST / 15: UTC 

Utility Foundry Working Group

Ongoing work items (Unchanged since the last report):

  • Public Utility Directory:
    • This is a list of all the active Layer 1 utilities which currently have representative members at ToIP
    • Looking forward to including the Candy network if they are interested in being part of this chart.
  • A Framework for Evaluating Layer 1 Utilities - Overview
    • This document identifies the key differences and considerations between the core Layer 1 utilities for clients/customers looking to adopt a ToIP compatible SSI solution
    • Final review is complete - formatting and delivery to TSC remains.

New/Future work items

  • We are currently contributing all of our ongoing efforts to the Governance Architecture Task Force.
  • Will resume with UFWG items when that effort scales back.

Meeting Time - UFWG

The UFWG is currently contributing all of its efforts to the GATF so meetings are currently suspended. UFWG meetings will resume when that work is complete.

Ecosystem Foundry Working Group

2023 Upcoming Presentations

Seema Khinda Johnson
8 December

Ecosystem Components

  • We continue to develop “Digital Trust Ecosystem Components” for review and feedback by the ToIP Community, before developing Learning Pathways based on those components.
  • Join our meetings (that aren’t presentations) to contribute to this discussion.

Meeting Time - EFWG

Every Alternate Thursday

8am PDT / 11am EST / 15:00 UTC / 17:00 CEST

Data Modeling and Representation Working Group

Working Group and Task Forces

  • Data Modelling & Representation WG Chairs (N.Thomson, S. Milstein) - meet bi-weekly

○Focus on data, modelling & representation

  • Contributor (data perspective): Governance (Issuer Req, Attraction Pass,...)
    • Recent work - effective Data Privacy

○IIW and other discussions

  • Selective disclosure (useless)?
  • Consent obsolescence?

Increasing Governance role

Meeting Times - DRMWG

DRMWG - Every 2 weeks/bi-weekly (Next Oct 3, 2023)

9:00 Pacific / 12:00 Eastern / 16:00 UTC

Future Topics:

  • General model for composable data exchange filtering to support role based data access rights
  • Proposed model for consent for data processing to avoid PII/Personal data exploitation in chained data processing pipelines

Human Experience Working Group

Last Month

  • Refining Wallet Survey & agreeing approach w/comms committee
  • Planning for Expert Series

Next Month

-Publish Interaction Patterns research survey target by mid-December

-7th December - Expert Series from Organisation for Identity and Cultural Development on their human identity framework.

Seeking contributors to Interaction Patterns TF - designers, psychologists, human resource experts…

Meeting Times - HXWG


NA / EU  First Thursday of each month at 16.00 UTC = 9.00 PT.

Next call is Thursday 7th December 2023 at 9.00 PST

Task Force Interaction Patterns

2nd and 3rd Thursday of the month at 16.00 UTC = 9.00 PT.

First call is Thursday 16th November at 9.00 PT

Next All Members Meetings

December 13th, 2023  Annual Zoom Holiday Party

“Your Identity is Not Self-Sovereign”
A Fun Presentation by Justin Richer

Are we really in control of our identities, are they merely assigned to us, or is there something else at play?

The promise of a "self-sovereign identity" seems great: you know who you are, and through the magic of technology you can prove to everyone around you that you are who you say you are. The technology to enable this is being built and deployed, but is it the right solution? Even more fundamentally, is it the right model at all?

In this session, we'll examine the core concept of "self-sovereign" identity in the light of how society has historically viewed identity and how our digital systems have modeled identity in different ways over time.

Wear festive attire - BYOB or Hot Cocoa

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Links of interest from today's call: 

ToIP Glossary: Link

A proposal for an AIM TF deliverable in 2024 - Authentic Generative AI (AGAI): Link

2023-12-21 AIM TF Meeting Notes: Link


ACDC (Authentic Chained Data Container) Task Force: Link

Phil Windley posted this today about the risks of fake academic credentials: Link

Trust Registry Catalogue recommendations: Link

Working document on Governance Architecture: Link

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