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Meeting Date


Zoom Recording


Main Goal of this Meeting

GSWG Plenary and Status of Layer Specific Governance Template building efforts.

Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLead
4 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:
1 minsReview of action items from previous meetingChairs
  • ACTION: Scott Perryto solicit interest for leaders of layer specific governance frameworks.   Has found some of those TF leads, but some gaps.  Still looking for interest in driving TF's
    • L4 Ecosystem Foundry potential
    • L1 Utility (Alex Tweedale to lead)
10 minsAnnouncements

News or events of interest to Governance Stack WG members:

IIW next week.  Drummond Reed attending preparing something from Tech Stack WG.  There will be several ToIP attendees including Wenjing Chu, Judith Fleenorand other members from growing Avast/SecureKey teams.  Good representation, focus of sessions will be on tech side, but we will do governance session if there's an opening.  EG Kyle session

EIC - European Identity & Cloud Conference mid-may - in person - Drummond Reed Judith Fleenor Scott Perrywill be there representing ToIP

eIDAS 2.0 blog post, many contributing including Antti KettunenDaniel Bachenheimerand others working on a clear statement ref eIDAS - good to have synergy and connection w/EU as we are aiming for global interop.  If interested  join slack channel

Daniel Bachenheimerwill be meeting with EU reps on eIDAS next week regarding usecase of trans-border movements.

Mary Lacity then see this for translation of academic research into market facing language. We released more executive-friendly version of SSI at NHS case study:

Daniel Bachenheimerattending Biometrics Institute ID@Borders Conference,   Important work for contactless at borders and judicious use of biometrics. interested in the use cases and use of decentralized identity

15 minsReview of Generic Governance Framework Templates and Companion Guides

Scott Perry

Took meta-model and applied to create templates which are stable & ready to use.

Kyle Robinsonwhat is the format of the resultant templates, currently g-docs, defacto format and may be appropriate for now.

Scott Perryhave settled on g-docs as a the easiest way to get going, maybe not the best way to consume in the market later

Drummond Reedall other parties are moving in direction of github repo in markdown language, think of g-docs as a working medium but ultimate destination should be in github & markdown for many reasons.  Follow the lead of Kyle RobinsonStephen Curran

  • Need style guide - previous work w/ Dan Gisolfifor continuous integration pipeline but simpler approach needed and still requires a CSS
  • May not be that flashy but is fit for purpose
  • Also lends itself to machine readable content
  • Can use github pages to more easily present ML


  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Template
  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Companion Guide
  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Requirements Template
  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Requirements Companion Guide
15 minsEstablish Layer Specific Task Forces

Scott Perry

Drummond Reed

Alex Tweeddale

Kyle Robinson

  • Discuss the role of task forces

Ecosystem TF - Carly Huitema I'd like to have help with (or be pointed to) a slide or two that I can use to describe the work needed and how the work will be coordinated for the Ecosystem Governance TF.

Start with the template and personalise to the layer specific requirements, look at roles & processes, work through the template roles & processes and then discuss those roles & processes, on requirements ask for standard requirements that address all of the controlled doc sections that exist.

The templates are in ToIP share drive which are only accessible to ToIP members with the email they used to register at ToIP, then ask Elisa to add correct email address for access.   Currently not shareable, should be 

Nicky Hickmancommented that concerns that this would be copy/paste governance vs process of creating governance framework so templates should be in context.

Scott Perrycommented that this was merely a starting point to get folks going.  

Clear basis = metamodel

practical tool = template

personalisation = process of creating operational goverannce frameworks - that is  the role of the foundries

  • Discuss task force deliverables
  • Role of the Task Force Leader
  • Call for volunteers for Task Force leaders.
  • Discuss the role of the GSWG in coordinating the efforts of the task force

Savita Farooqui shared that this aligned w/ IEEE approach similar nested, needed to focus on objectives or purpose - this is for blockchain, so different lifecycle perspective - these can be used in developing frameworks.

See progress on the Utility L1 on their template led by Alex Tweeddaleasking for SSI & DAO expertise, Savita Farooquito connect with that TF. also reference SO/TS 23635:2022 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies — Guidelines for governance

Kyle Robinsonhas agreed to drive Layer 3 (credential layer

Still looking for lead  at Layer 2 ( potential Avastians) - lots of interest but expect that each will have different rhythms.

EU work will focus on all layers 

5 mins
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 
  •  Get TF meeting/asychronous meetings.
  • Carly Huitemato arrange a time with EFWG - May 12th is possibly next slot



Action Items

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