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Meeting Date


Zoom Meeting Recording


Main Goal of this Meeting

GSWG Plenary and Kick off to Layer Specific Governance Template building efforts.

Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLead
4 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members:
    • Joachim Miller works in compliance in London.
    • Jeff Braswell has spent six years on the board of directors of GLEIF.
    • Phil Wolfe has been participating in the Ecosystem Foundry WG and Human Experience WG.
1 minsReview of action items from previous meetingChairs
  • ACTION: Scott Perryto draft layer generic templates for layer specific governance framework templates and companion guides to be developed.
10 minsAnnouncements

News or events of interest to Governance Stack WG members:

  • Working actively on blog post on eIDAS 2.0 effort, also considering making an official submission to toolbox but needs to be in next 8 days, outlines what we could help with.  Anyone who can work on this or is interested then go to eIDAS blogpost channel on slack
  • Consortia are forming in the EU in response to funding opportunities offered by the EU government. There is a fever of activity around this right now. 
  • The EU announced requirements for ID&V / KYC / AML at both ends of any cryptocurrency transaction - this creates and greater need for ToIP efforts.  See this story in Protocol.
  • Bitcoin 2022 conf - Miami wants to be the crypto capital of USA.
  • TF legislation has hit USA - SV1190 - Californian TF fro use of VC's - pilot project is for VC's of highschool transcripts will be accepted by Californian community colleges, unanimously passed at first committee hearing (Judith Fleenorand Tony Rosewere expert witnesses) second committee ToIP letter going in.  See
  • Senate Education Committee hearing will be on April 20th. Letters will be due on April 15th by noon. The letter can be addressed to the chair, Senator Connie Leyva.  
25 minsReview of Generic Governance Framework Templates and Companion Guides

Scott Perry

  • Overall Objective:
    • GATF governance metamodel spec, published - foundation - part of architecture spec for a GF. Already have a spec and companion guide, but is not necessarily useful for GF creators. Typically they come in at a layer and need more guidance at each layer
    • Need templates for every controlled doc e.g. for TA & Certification, for Risk Assessment
    • This week we look at all the x layer docs that cover mainly primary doc and for core requirements section
    • remaining = 'glossary' - passed to the CTWG to provide template
    • Legal agreements will be pulled at layer specific area
  • Templates  1) The Governance Framework Layer <X> Requirements Template and 2) The Governance Framework Layer <X> Requirements Companion Guide.  Click on the doc links for access.
    • All purposes of templates are you just come in and fill it out - no explanations
    • Use companion guide as reference
    • Aim for quick, easy and efficient use
    • Should we allow for a ToIP compliant framework - could help ToIP matter more in the marketplace - this is a gap in market around governance
    • This might be the primary reason for using the meta-model, will also be other non-ToIP compliant users who will use in their own governance & jurisdictional models - utility of the template is the key
    • Use suggesting mode to be clear in the documents
    • Based on Sovrin Foundation original GF
    • Included some generic content to explain all layers and as we get into layers will be more specific
    • One consideration - more modular deployment, just a module for e.g. just governance around issuance for DL's.  Much more atomized - using a fraction of governance meta-model, so need to be sensitive to perspective that you might not have a small aspect of the governance metamodel
    • Could be multiple GF's that reference same glossary - early adoption GF could have a small glossary that's separate
    • All terms wikis have scope can be very small
    • Encourage re-use - x-pollinate and this is the way
  • Primary doc = WHAT?
  • Requirements controlled docs = RULES = HOW
  • UFWG Alex Tweeddale has begun completing Layer 1 template
  • How do we establish TF to take generic docs to next level? need self-organizing groups to complete templates at each layer for primary doc + companion guide.  Joachim supporting L1.
  • other considerations e.g. GF for verify the verifier
  • these are very needful in the market especially for TA
  • 3 reasons to participate & contribute
    • directly relevant 2 your work
    • indirect but adjacent knowledge and learning that will create a new business opportunities
    • connections & networking are very valuable
  • query re format - g-docs might not be best tool, especially w/ DID per GF requirement
  • in BCGOV using ML for Human readable versions as github repo
  • could be important for all layers to use similar tech to allow for interop
  • Drummond Reedand John Jordanvote for ML versions


  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Template
  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Companion Guide
  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Requirements Template
  • Walk through the Governance Framework Layer X Requirements Companion Guide
15 minsEstablish Layer Specific Task Forces

Scott Perry

Drummond Reed

Alex Tweeddale

Kyle Robinson

  • Discuss the role of task forces
  • Discuss task force deliverables
  • Role of the Task Force Leader
  • Call for volunteers for Task Force leaders.
  • Discuss the role of the GSWG in coordinating the efforts of the task force

5 mins
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 
  •  all - review the docs and by next weeks' meetings start to kick off TF's



Action Items

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