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Main Goal of this Meeting

Review a demo of the glossary artifact generation script and decide on concrete next steps with terms wikis.

Agenda Items and Notes (including all relevant links)

TimeAgenda ItemLeadNotes
5 min
  • Start recording
  • Welcome & antitrust notice
  • Introduction of new members
  • Agenda review
  • Antitrust Policy Notice: Attendees are reminded to adhere to the meeting agenda and not participate in activities prohibited under antitrust and competition laws. Only members of ToIP who have signed the necessary agreements are permitted to participate in this activity beyond an observer role.
  • New Members: Savita Farooqui has attended for several meetings but did an introduction to share her background in digital experience and in the last two years in the IEEE P2145 Blockchain Governance Working Group.
20 minsReview glossary artifact generation scriptDaniel Hardman
  • Action item from the last meeting.
  • Daniel has created a Python script as promised in his action item to show how a glossary is created from a terms wiki (screenshot #1)
  • He demonstrated it first with an example terms wiki for science fiction terms (screenshot #2)
  • He showed how to call the tool (screenshot #3)
  • And how to configure what will be included in the glossary output (screenshot #4)
  • The output is a fully consumable glossary document (screenshot #5)
  • The output is also able to show hovertext for linked terms (screenshot #6)
  • The output can be configured to include any combination of terms wikis
  • Glossary documents use a stylesheet to control formatting (screenshot #7)
  • Nicky Hickman asked what happens if a term has multiple definitions in different terms wikis?
    • Daniel showed how a glossary can include multiple definitions of a term (screenshot #8)
    • Rieks Joosten pointed out that the same term may have different definitions in different scopes that need to be able to be referred to independently. He gave the example of "verification", a term for which the W3C Verifiable Credentials spec gives a specific definition (about conforming data structure) that varies from the standard English definition (about the truth of information).
    • Daniel explained that the references produced by the glossary output tool are either internal to the glossary document or to external resources.
  • Drummond Reed asked how a group can manage a stream of changes to the terms in a glossary while still producing stable links to embed in the deliverables.
    • Daniel explained how a glossary can be in an unpublished or published state.
  • Reiks shared in chat the steps for a specific ToIP TF:
    • 1. define the terms that are specific to the TF in the tf-terms wiki
    • 2. import terms from others (query file)
    • 3. generate glossary (local)
    • 4. define your deliverables, use your (local) terminology
    • 5. publish deliverable + glossary
  • Rieks Joosten asked if Daniel has "skipped the corpus", i.e., where is the underlying corpus?
    • Daniel explained that, behind the scenes, the ToIP Term tool is creating copies of all the incorporated terms wikis as one step in creating the corpus (screenshot #9).
  • Daniel also showed how his design of the tool can incorporate different queries against different terms wikis (screenshot #10).
  • Nicky Hickman asked for a way to tag a term that is still in development in order to show the level of confidence of the group in the term.
    • This could be used both for the development stage, but also to track changes in the evolution of the term over time and different versions of a GF (or different GFs).

10 minsProposal for converting from a Google doc to a terms wiki
  • See this new proposal based on real world experience with the Sovrin Glossary and the Good Health Pass Glossary (and may apply to the eSSIF-Lab Glossary too)
10 minsConcrete next steps for implementing terms wikisAll
  • Must consider high priority ToIP Governance Stack WG deliverables, ToIP Core Four deliverables, and Sovrin Foundation deliverables
  • Have we finalized the term page template?
  • Have we answered the attribution questions?
  • Have we established formatting conventions, i.e., are definitions in First Letter Caps or lowercase?
  • Are there any other open issues?
5 mins
  • Review decisions/action items
  • Planning for next meeting 

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Action Items

  • Drummond Reed to confer with Daniel Hardman about specific next steps with his Python glossary tool.
  • Drummond Reed to start a Slack discussion about the this new proposal for auto-conversion of Google doc glossaries to terms wikis (which we ran out of time to discuss today).
  • Drummond Reed to work with Daniel Hardman and Rieks Joosten to prepare a proposed workplan for: 1) moving into production use of terms wikis, and 2) revising the ToIP Term Tool spec and bounty to get it underway.

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