6, July 2021  — 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, 18:00 UTC, 20:00 CET

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  • Assign action items for next meeting
  • Establish work plan for WG deliverables and workflow guidance
  • Gather agenda suggestions for next meeting

Antitrust Policy

Agenda Items

1 minWelcomeA. Kudra
2 mins

Antitrust Policy Notice

A. Kudra
5 minsAnnouncements / New Member IntrosChairs
20 minsTask Force SOS (Scrum of Scrums)

Task Force Leads

Status update or preferably Show-and-tell from all task forces.
10 minsDecision PointsA. Kudra
10 minsDiscussion TopicsA. Kudra
10 mins


A. Kudra


  • New Member Intro
    • Vikas Malhotra joined UFWG to learn about ToIP and UFWG work, identify how to contribute to ToIP/UFWG
  • Public Identity Utility Projects
    • Bedrock
    • IDunion
      • Contracts for SCE legal entity are in finalization stage
    • Sovrin
      • BAU, some new Steward requests have come in
    • Indicio
      • Announced 21 Founding node operators, steadily increasing 2-3 per months
    • Canacred
      • -
  • Invitation by Karl Kneis to all L1Us to provide an update to EFWG on their status and journey (recently done by IDunion and Indicio).

Task Force SOS (Scrum of Scrums)

TF NameMissionMembersStatus

Utility Project Implementation Guide Task Force

Create the getting started guide for prospective Utility Projects.

IG0029: Utility Project Guide

A new repo has been created and the TF has issued its first objective. Lynn seeks assistance on repo publishing with Mac.

TF is discussing outline and questions to be answered for prospective projects. 

Draft Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1zysi79y5vxNBxhL7yI0M6FAViC_E2VUutUfT5Eac7CA/edit?usp=sharing

Initial released version: https://trustoverip.github.io/IG0029-utility-project-guide/

Best Practices Task ForceAnalyze Project Interviews, establish list of Best Practices and submit each BP using ToIP Deliverables Process.
  • Drafting framework for evaluating public identity utilities (BP0014) (v2)
  •  Drafting v1 of three BP documents (based on feedback from interviews with decentralized PIU conveners/providers)*
    • BP0015 - Assessing Sustainability of a PIU (v1)
    • BP0016 - Determining Affordability of a PIU (v1)
    • BP0017 - Assessing Alignment to a PIU
  • Backlog
    • Dashboard Health / Network Monitoring (Example)

*At future point, consider consolidating all best practices into one comprehensive document

SUGGESTION: Interlocking with Saturn-V TF as a first user of these Best Practices.

Decentralization Task Force

Submit a BP deliverable and a design principle for what it means to be Decentralized.

Jessica Townsend  (lead) 

Dan Gisolfi 

Mathieu Glaude

Glossary Task ForceGenerate a UFWG Glossary in collaboration with the CTWG.RJ Reiser (lead) Still pending CTWG process. Submissions under review.

Decision Points

  • Add responsible contact point in Utility directory in github

Discussion Items

  • UFWG is working on comprehensive guidance doc
  • New representative of Bedrock for UFWG required
  • KERI witness log
    • Is there interest of existing L1Us to act as KERI witness log?
    • Dave McKay KERI log would be a good addition
    • Stephen Curran Hyperledger Indy ledger could be acting as a KERI witness - i.e. "witness transactions"
    • Revisit in 4-8 weeks and have a dedicated slot in UFWG meeting
    • Dave McKay Using KERI witness logs for privacy check (track consent, terms and conditions), could be Aries RFCs
  • L1Us implementing trust registries Dave McKay  
    • Testing with Hyperledger Besu ongoing
    • Dave McKay report on related research work at UFWG meeting in August 2021, invite EFWG to discussion / follow-up @dav

Open Items

Low priority items that failed gain volunteers to champion cause.

  • UFWG Sandbox Utility
    •  The members of the UFWG need to gain experience before writing guidelines and best practices.
    • Challenge: Create a Sample Utility comprised of 3-5 nodes for testing purposes using the Blockchain Automation Framework (BAF)
    • Goal: Leverage this research exercise as a way to create BAF artifacts for Hyperledger Indy
    • Tools: Bootstrapping Node Hosting - Learn BAF