June 11, 2021



  • Peter Stoyko


30 minInfographic, Website Update, Presentation Templates and Assets

Peter Stoyko (Guest)

2 min

Action Item Update - Website Review

Jim St. Clair and Rebecca Davis-Suskind

5 minAction Item Update - ToIP Year in Review Jim St. Clair, Drummond Reed, David Lucatch
10 min

Discussion - “Success Criteria for ToIP in the Press”

Judith Fleenor & Daniel Hardman
5 minAction Item Updates - Talking Points and Event Calendar Judith Fleenor
5 minOpen Discussion All
1 minWrap upJudith Fleenor



  • Agenda Topics (pdf):


Infographic, Website Update, Presentation Templates and Assets:

  • Guest, Peter Stoyko - presented design concepts for an updated Website for ToIP
  • Publish the final version of stack diagram first
  • Get the slides and stack version to members and on website asap
  • Received feedback and materials will be ready early next week
  • Create a unified brand
  • Design and Design thinking:
  • A) Extend: Building out the visual brand
  • B) Refine: Getting Technical Elements right
  • C) Experience: make important info easier to navigate and more enticing for the user
  • Desktop version of the website will be the focus, however, this will be built for all devices including handheld
  • Color symbolism: Blue = Trust, presented extended color palette(s)
  • Background: lines with high contrast that complement the images on the page
  • Background can be animated, with a similar feel with bold lines
  • Logo sting: can be used to attract the eye and interesting texture
  • Current website: heavy images, titles are too weak and not bold enough, colour palette too desaturated
  • Stock photography is “off the shelf”
  • Easy symbols/ icons for navigation are key, text should be bolder and more prominent
  • Possible to infuse custom icons (people characters)
  • Text shouldn’t be too wide, fatigues the reader
  • Put text into blurbs/columns (reads like a magazine)
  • Professional Typefaces: implementing different fonts/sizes will give more flexibility for size of text info and increases interest value and contrast
  • The landing page should follow a “newspaper” style format
  • Chris Ingrao : are the fonts going to be easy to interact with and be universal for editing purposes
  • Fonts will be at a small cost to DL
  • Fonts suggested are aboveboard and will avoid licensing problems
  • Presentation formats will be presented next week by Peter Stoyko
  • Infographic updates will be coming soon as feedback from Judith and Drummund Reed will be looked at and worked on

Action Item Update - ToIP Year in Review:

Discussion - “Success Criteria for ToIP in the Press”:

  • ToIP had an opportunity to give a quote in the recent LFPH?GCCN Press Release
  • Version was sent to the SC for consensus
  • No consensus, so ToIP was removed from the PR
  • What position should ToIP take when there is divergence in the Market?
  • Press Policy: “ToIP supports efforts when XYZ are characteristics of the effort”
  • Daniel Hardman : we need to have a set of criteria to be methodical on this in the future
  • David Lucatch : we need to have a series of communication standards in place asap, so that the “noise” is avoided but we are still being “heard”.
  • Drummond Reed : don’t make it complex, circulate via an email list for next meet (2-week effort)
  • David Lucatch : How do we develop a policy, for when we do not all agree?
  • Reaction time is hours not days in today’s world, so guidelines need to be in place for response/quotes etc.
  • John Jordan : each topic needs guidelines that are specific, and to have these in order to know if ToIP is aligned. Make PR timelier, we need to have a policy that is invoked with a strict timeline so PRs do not seem “ad hoc”
  • Daniel Hardman : develop a “talking Points” list for X,Y, Z to refer to
  • Judith Fleenor : sub-committee for this needs to be arranged
  • Daniel Hardman will head the sub-committee starting in July 2021
  • In the interim, especially regarding covid passports and documentation, we need immediate talking points on this
  • Drummond Reed will reach out to Alex Waltz and chair this issue and look to the Good Health Pass working Group to help delegate


Action Item Updates - Talking Points and Event Calendar: 

  • Talking Points: Wenjing Chu sent out a google doc that links to ideas of talking points, which seem to be GHP specific
  • John Jordan : will work on structure with JudithFleener and create talking points for ALL ToIP, and highlight “working groups”
  • Events schedule: still on the radar but has not been looked at yet
  • Committee Goals/Roadmap: Ajay Madhok and Judith Fleenor to meet and discuss all the moving pieces


  • If the goal of GHP working group is to get to a final Steering Committee approval my end of the month, the Comm Committee should be aware of this milestone and be ready
  • Blog posts and/or a separate PR from the Comm Committee regarding this
  • Daniel Bachenheimer to put together a blog that will come out when the GHP release is approved by the Steering Committee (June 30th)