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Meeting Date



Main Goal of this Meeting:

Special meeting to learn about the work of the IEEE P2145 Working Group and potential synergy with the GSWG.


5 minWelcome
Antitrust Policy Notice
Introduction of New Members
3 minsAnnouncementsAll
50 mins

Special Meeting Topic: Showcase of the work of the IEEE P2145 Working Group and its sub-groups

2 mins

Closing/Reminder of Upcoming Meetings




This is the presentation from Thomas Cox, Savita Farooqui, and the rest of the IEEE 2145 team


  1. Welcome
    1. Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    2. Introduction of new members
    3. Agenda review
  2. Announcements — general community updates relevant to the GSWG
    1. Interoperability Working Group for Good Health PassGovernance Framework Drafting Group is up and going strong
    2. Scott Perry and Drummond Reed have been contributing updates to the ToIP governance metamodel based on feedback and lessons learned from both the GHP and other governance framework work.
    3. Due to the anticipated "shakedown cruise" that the Good Health Pass Ecosystem Governance Framework will provide (along with other GF work), Drummond Reedis recommending we not plan to advance the ToIP Governance Architecture spec to WG Approved status until early June.
  3. Special Meeting Topic: Showcase of the work of the IEEE P2145 Working Group and its sub-groups - Hayley Howe, Denise McCurdy, Kirsten Pomales, Savita FarooquiThomas Cox
    1. Standards are aligned to the Cynefin Framework - Best Practices can be developed from Simple Frameworks
    2. Standards are needed as products and services become commodities
    3. IEEE 423K members globally with a recognized standards association (recognized standards USB, etc).  Been active in blockchain 50+ standards in development)
    4. IEEE P2145 - focused on concepts and terminology, research and publish standards, coordinate with other bodies and communicate their output
    5. All standards are open source
    6. Lexical Standards group is publishing standard terminology - drafting a publication
    7. Governance Design Patterns looking at 13 chains along six aspects of core build components of blockchains
    8. Governance Terms is establishing common vocabulary and terms - 528 terms collected to date
    9. Done a deeper dive into terms of governance and blockchain governance - model of governance dimensions follows a lifecycle process
    10. Subgroup on Reputation - Mindmap highlights contributors to blockchain reputation
    11. Governance and Interoperability - focuses on definition and alignment
    12. Coordinated roll-out with seminars and outreach.
  4. Closing/Reminder of Upcoming Meetings


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Action Items

  • Look to engage the P145 folks with the Concepts & Terminology WG

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