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Guiding Goal: Schema and glossary development.

  • Welcome (Paul—2.5 mins)
  • Newcomer Introductions (WG2.5 mins)
  • Task Force Updates (WG, 5 mins)
  • IIW overview from a Semantics perspective (WG—5 mins)

  • Introducing the “Schema Specifications” page (Paul—10 mins)

  • Plans for further schema development in the Notice & Consent TF (Mark—10 mins)

  • Glossaries developed by the Semantics WG (Paul5 mins)

  • Deliverable updates (Paul—10 mins)

    • White paper proposal: "How OCA Differs from JSON-LD and Why You Need Both" (Paul—5 mins)

      • Global semantic harmonization

      • A database model shows the logical structure of a database, including the relationships and constraints that determine how data can be stored and accessed. Common kinds of data models include Hierarchical database model, Relational model, Network model, Object-oriented database model, Entity-relationship model, Document object model, Entity-attribute-value model, Star schema and Object-relational database model. The data semantics across these common database models can be harmonized using OCA.
    • Setting up an OCA-CDISC Focus Group for clinical research database model harmonisation (Paul—5 mins)

      • CDISC SDTM Implementation Guide v.3.2 here
  • Logistics and miscellaneous (Paul—10 mins)
    • Special thanks to Nick Nayfack, new Semantics WG representative for the new Operations Team

      • The purpose of the Operations Team is to create a small group of ToIP members who will share information on the workplans of our WGs, help ensure that draft deliverables are advancing as intended through the stages of the ToIP workflow, resolve any bottle-necking that arise around decision-making/approvals and discuss issues such as (for example) introducing firmer parameters for the creation of TFs under all WGs.

      • The Operations Team will not be directing or otherwise interfering with the development of content and deliverables in the WGs themselves.
    • Leadership positions
    • Meeting schedule
      1. OCA-FHIR FG weekly meeting

      2. Semantics Domain WG weekly meeting

Meeting Notes


Participants (Name / Location / Time zone / Affiliation):

Leadership positions:

  • Semantic Domain WG
    • Chair volunteers 
    • Vice-chair volunteers 
  • Imaging TF
    • Chair volunteers
    • Vice-chair volunteers
    • Chair volunteers
    • Vice-chair volunteers
  • Notice & Consent TF
    • Chair volunteers
    • Vice-chair volunteers

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