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Discussion items

5 minGithub setup for CTWG
25 min Update from ESSIF-LabsRieks JoostenSee notes below
15 minSemantic Domain WG proposal
for Global Industry Sector Classification
Paul KnowlesSee notes below
10 minToIP governance metamodel vocabDrummond ReedSee notes below


  • Rieks gave a demo of the work going on at ESSIF-Labs showing how the concepts and glossary are created in Gitlab and then rendered using Docusaurus.
    • This is all vocabulary that can become part of the ToIP corpus
    • The ESSIF-Labs project is 3 years; it is nearing its first year anniversary
    • They are looking at ToIP as the ultimate home for the ESSIF-Labs vocabulary work
  • Paul discussed a proposal from the Semantic Domain WG (SDWG) on Global Industry Sector Classification
    • A lot of the ecosystems being developed in the Ecosystem Foundry WG are sector-specific
    • Paul wanted to show how the GISC can be tied into the Glossary and Terminology
    • Drummond asked the questions about how "instance vocabularies" like GISC related to "class vocabularies" like the ToIP Glossaries will mostly define
    • Rieks said that it fits the definition of code lists that provide the enumerated list of valid options for instances of a class
    • Most code lists are generated by consortia and will be referenced by glossaries like the ToIP Glossary
    • Paul agreed that most of the "classification" work should be in the SDWG
  • Drummond shared a proposal for the ToIP governance metamodel that illustrates the kind of terms that the Governance Stack WG is going to need
    • All of the terms in First Letter Caps are proposals for the ToIP Governance Glossary

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