Remarks from John Jordan

  • Following ToIP’s recent participation at the Internet Identity Workshop (Oct 20-22), the release of our Saturn V TIP announcement and requests to collaborate with organizations like Sovrin and OIX, we are drawing significant attention to our work.
  • This is only going to increase as more people turn to us to understand how trust ecosystems work and can solve real-world problems. 
  • Now is the time for members to become actively involved in Working Groups/Taskforces to contribute to the work that needs to get done for us to reach our objectives. 

Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) - ToIP Sessions

  • David Luchuk provided metrics related to IIW - more attendees than ever at 3-day “open space” event, including strong participation from ToIP members who convened and/or led 25% of all sessions.
  • Summary information shared about Some of the sessions called by ToIP members:
    • Digital Trust Ecosystems (Karl Kneis) - highlighted ways in which Trust over IP model is supporting the emergence of ecosystems through GS1, Lumedic, MasterCard, GLEIF, Stanford U.
    • Saturn V TIP (D Luchuk) - emphasized vendor collaboration in testing the ineroperability of elements comprising the newly announced ToIP Interoperability Profile (TIP).
    • Active/Passive Identifiers & OCA (P Knowles) - technical/conceptual discussion focusing on approaches to key signing, governing entities and claim resolution.
    • Asset Ownership Transfer (Kalyan Kulkarni) - explored real-world use cases and experiences from two companies using verifiable credentials to transfer assets.
    • Realizations - diversity and inclusion (D Reed & D O’Donnell) - highlighted on-going fundamental problem in the community around including more diverse voices and perspectives from women, racialized communities, gender non-conforming, indigenous peoples and other traditionally excluded groups.

Internet Identity Workshop (IIW) - Open Discussion

  • Carly Huitema shared that, as a new member of ToIP, the event was an important opportunity to understand the emergence of KERI, the limits of SSI to address social issues (e.g. authoritarianism), strength in diversity and the importance of EDI, and the variety of use cases in the community.
  • Riley Hughes indicated that, after interviewing 30+ business people prior to IIW about the value of verifiable credentials, he has noted that it is difficult to find metrics and high-level patterns around companies using credentials, the issuance and use of wallets, etc. He suggested that ToIP could act as a neutral party to support the sharing of business metrics.
  • Kimberly Linson suggested that IIW filled an important conceptual gap for people who are “beyond 101 but not ready for 401” discussions related to SSI and credentials.
  • Andre Kudra emphasized that the session he led on first-level support for customers drew attention to the need for more collaboration among vendors to address questions and problems that cannot be solved by a single entity. 
  • Daniel Bachenheimer highlighted the importance of biometrics as a topic that was discussed at IIW and could be a point of strong interest for ToIP when considering how to tie a claim to a physical entity.
  • RJ Reiser commended the organization of the virtual “open space” event and the business value of the discussions that took place.

Saturn V TIP

  • Dan Gisolfi discussed the recent announcement of progress toward fully testing the Saturn V TIP and the need for more vendors and collaborators to contribute to the on-going work.
  • Trust over IP and the Technology Stack Working Group are doing more than developing tech and governance models. We are helping the market converge around different kinds of “recipes” for assembling all four layers of the stack.
  • A Trust over IP Interoperability Profile (TIP) is fundamentally about that - presenting a recipe, among many possible recipes, for assembling a complete ToIP stack.
  • Saturn V TIP is one example, assembled through a Taskforce operating under the Technology Stack Working Group, of such a recipe comprised of pieces that work together. But there are many other possible configurations.
  • Vendors need to collaborate together to test these recipes so that TIPs, however many there may eventually be, reflect the market needs and dynamics that must define how they are ultimately used. 
  • Technology Stack Working Groups welcomes new contributors and vendors interested in joining this effort.

Communications Committee - Update

  • David Luchuk indicated that a contract has been issued to develop new communications products that evolve a more sophisticated public message around Trust over IP and its benefits.
  • David Luchuk also advised that a group, led by member Alex Walz, is convening to develop a first draft Communications Strategy for the Foundation.

Operations - Update

  • David Luchuk shared that representatives from Working Groups had begun working on items such as workflow process, dashboards, use of GiutHub and Deliverable guides as part of an Operations team. 
  • New representatives are still required for the Technology Stack Working Group and Concepts & Terminology Working Group.
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