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Industry sector: Consumer Discretionary | Sub-industry: Education Services



  1. To incubate the development of an Internet of Education (IoE) ecosystem governance framework (EGF) and a suite of shared, public-good utilities based on IEEE’s Integrated Learner Record Recommended Practices.
  2. To facilitate the creation or selection of a neutral and appropriate governance authority for the IoE EGF.


The Internet of Education - A global network and vision to connect all humans on earth to education and economic opportunity.

The Ed 3.0 Research Network (60-min 1/17/20 launch) is a global movement to support lifelong, personalized, competency-based learning at the scale of the Internet.  Four initial nodes include:

In addition, the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (6/5/20 call for participation) is working on the Conceptual Model for Learning Technology Systems (integrating USED CEDS and DOD TLA)  and Integrated Learner Record (ILR) Recommended Practices (integrating the work of  W3C VC, IMS Global CLR, T3 Innovation Network / LER Hub, US DOC AWPAB and others).

Organizing Committee

  1. Alex Jackl, Bardic Systems, CA Community Colleges, A4L SDPC
  2. Chris Purifoy, Learning Economy Foundation
  3. Drummond Reed, Evernym
  4. Greg Nadeau, PathCheck Foundation (PCG/EY/MIT), IEEE, IMS Global
  5. Matt Gee, BrightHive
  6. Nick Ris, Evernym
  7. Phil Long, ASU TLN, US Chamber T3
  8. Simone Ravaioli, Digitary, IEEE
  9. Takis Diakoumis, Digitary/Australia
  10. Taylor Kendal, Learning Economy Foundation, C-Lab
  11. Victor Golubkov, Canada


Key deliverables will include, but are not limited to:

  1. A draft IoE Ecosystem Governance Framework (EGF) that is open, inclusive, and representative of the needs of the IoE community as a whole. (IMPORTANT: The ToIP Foundation does not produce or approve operational governance frameworks. The role of ToIP Foundation in general and the Ecosystem Foundry WG in particular is to assist existing or prospective governance authorities (governments, consortia, NGOs, companies, cities, etc.) in the job of drafting or revising ToIP-compatible governance frameworks that meet their requirements for trusted interactions.)
  2. An initial design for an extensible IoE Authoritative Issuer Registry (AIR) for VCs (verifiable credentials) as specified by the draft IoE EGF. (IMPORTANT: This proposed deliverable is an initial AIR design, not the proposal of a new Issuer Registry). As an example of such a registry, see this European SSI Framework (ESSIF) specification for a Trusted Issuer Ledger.
  3. An IoE Ecosystem Development Plan (EDP) for implementing the IoE EGF and IoE AIR via instantiation (or selection) of the governance authority and procurement of the necessary funding.

Intellectual Property Rights

*This includes: Copyright, Patent, Source Code

As a Task Force (TF) of the Ecosystem Foundry WG (EFWG), the IoE TF inherits the IPR terms from the EFWG JDF Charter. These include:


Key milestones will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Connect nodes of the Ed 3.0 Research Network (E3RN), T3 Innovation Network, Learning Economy Co-Labs, and other interested/aligned parties.
  2. Produce one or more requirement documents.
  3. Publish a draft of the IoE EGF for open review.
  4. Publish a draft of the IoE AIR design for open review.
  5. Publish a draft of the IoE EDP for open review.

The work of the IoE ETTF will be complete when the participants are ready to instantiate an IoE governance authority to implement the IoE EGF.

Meeting Schedule

Coming soon...

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  1. Hello all,

    I wonder, if there will be any meeting soon? There are several updates regarding T3 innovation network that will be interesting to discuss.



    1. Victor Golubkov Yes, we will likely have our first meeting this month (19 Aug.) and the T3 Network will surely be included in the discussion.