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Establish a formal process for the delivery of ToIP recommendations. 


This TF is foundational to the ToIP mission. We may need to decide if TSS is the actual deliverable.


  1. Define the purpose of a TSS
  2. Define the purpose of a TIP (ToIP Interoperability Profile)
  3. Define how a TIP graduates to a TSS (or does it)?
  4. Bootstrap our process where possible by deriving Aries RFC process  and concepts (where applicable)
  5. Establishment of a new ToIP repo for TSS processing
  6. Prime the TSS with its first entry – Aries ToIP Stack

Proposed Schedule

  • Complete all deliverables by 31-Dec-2020.


Interested participants should add their names:

  • Dan Gisolfi
  • Drummond Reed
  • Daniel Hardman

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