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Mar 18 2023: Taskforce on Hold



We're creating a new Task Force that we hope will help lay the groundwork for the introduction and adoption of DIDs, VCs, Trust Registries and other emerging digital trust technologies in the broad field of greenhouse gas emissions tracking / carbon accounting.


The objective of this Task Force is to gain clarity on the existing Greenhouse Gas data landscape, including:

  1. Greenhouse Gas data flow (capture, record, audit, present, verify, accept ...)
  2. Regulatory landscape and legal reporting requirements
  3. Existing voluntary data schemas / standards most commonly used today
  4. Industry Associations with Sustainability / GHG standards
  5. Other blockchain/DLT initiatives 
  6. Legacy Carbon / GHG software market 
  7. Audit, Assurance & Accreditation
  8. Clean Energy Acquisition

Link to first draft overview

Meetings & Communications

We are holding zoom calls every other Wednesdays at: 8am PST / 11a Eastern

Calendar invites and Zoom meeting link can be found on the ToIP calendar page  

A slack channel has been set up:  Greenhous-Gas-TF

Meeting notes: 


Primary Deliverables

  • Comprehensive list of greenhouse gas reporting schemas
  • Comprehensive list of regulatory requirements
  • List of accreditation associations 
  • List of existing blockchain/DLT/VC reporting platforms

How to join

Anyone with an interest in the objectives described above is welcome to join the GHGTF and encouraged to contribute. Please add your name the list below to register your interest:

David Hoffman 

Eric Drury 

Steve Magennis

Phil Wolff 

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