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1 minWelcomeA. Kudra
2 mins

Antitrust Policy Notice

A. Kudra
5 minsAnnouncements / New Member IntrosChairs
10 minsIntroduction to R3 CordaNils Pehoviak

20 mins

Introduction to KERI

- POSTPONED to Aug-31 2021

Robert Mitwicki
  • Some of the snippets in the UFWG Paper could be tweaked to ensure that a "ledger-less" and "ledger-portable" utility such as KERI has a seat at the table.
  • We also want to consider adding KERI to the list of PIUs in section 2: UFWG Public Identity Utilities (pg.7).
  • Rather than a full-blown KERI Utility Governance Framework Task Force, maybe a simple list addition is all that is needed at this stage.
5 minsTask Force SOS (Scrum of Scrums)

Task Force Leads

Status update or preferably Show-and-tell from all task forces.
5 minsDecision PointsA. Kudra
5 minsDiscussion TopicsA. Kudra
10 mins


A. Kudra