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This the home page for a draft of the ToIP Trust Registry Protocol Specification, a proposed Draft Deliverable of the TSWG developed by the Trust Registry Task Force (TRTF).



and Links

Second Generation

The second generation specification is nearing Implementers Draft status. Here is a link to the current Working Draft.

First Generation

A first generation specification was developed by the first iteration of the TRTF:


This first generation version was published for public review in September 2021. It was not further advanced by the TRTF at that time as there was a consensus that other related specifications needed to be advanced first.In October 2022, a second generation of the TRTF began working on a second generation specification. Links will be provided here once there is a Working Draft.


To comply with the intellectual property rights protections in the charter of the ToIP Foundation (as required by all Joint Development Foundation projects hosted the Linux Foundation), all contributors to this Pre-Draft Deliverable MUST be current members of the ToIP Foundation. The following contributors each certify have certified that they meet this requirement: