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Areas of focus - defining service & Open Discussion

  • John Jordansuggested this transition was a good opportunity to benefit from Linux experience in tooling and process automation. It also provides an opportunity to reflect on the broader role that ToIP aims to play in the VC community / market.


  • Drummond Reedcommented that, while part of what Trust over Ip does is conventional specification work, it is important to remember that 10 governance guidance, 2) the volume of varied activity and 3) the emerging communities of practice mean that the community does not fit cleanly into any one model organization.
  • He adds that the capacity for community development, which is important for Trust over IP, may not be as easily compatible as other technical tasks to the JDF model.

Action items

  •  David Luchuk will continue working with Seth Newberry and Joaquin Prado to help define the support required for Trust over IP as the transition date approaches.