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Discussion items

1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeChairs
2 minsIntroduction of new membersChairs
1 minAgenda reviewChairs
9 minStatus of Process & Roles TF Recap of current
suspension of meetings
status and call for volunteers
5 minStatus of Governance Architecture TFRecap on progress made so far (Status report)
7 minsBrief on
timeline & collaboration plan for the 
GSWG + TSWG 5-deliverable package

This package, discussed in last NA/EU meeting, includes:

  1. Governance Stack Design Principles 1.0
  2. Technology Stack Design Principles 1.0
  3. Governance Architecture TSS 1.0

Technical Architecture TSS 1.0

  1. Design and Architecture of the ToIP Stack white paper
15 min

Principles of SSI
(Draft Deliverable and proposed Task Force)

Walk though of the Complete draft that has been RESOLVED to be
moved to Draft Deliverable stage
Principles of SSI Task Force
5  minDecentralized SSI Governance white paper
(for consideration as Pre-Draft Deliverable)
Draft white paper—Rieks and Drummond would like the GSWG to
consider as a deliverable (no decision requested yet)
15 minsGovernance Stack Design Principles
(Draft Deliverable)

Walk through of the Complete draft that has been RESOLVED to be
moved from Pre-Draft Deliverable to Draft Deliverable

7 minRecap from the ToIPF Webinar -
ToIP & Government

Brief recap from the ToIPF first Webinar after the launch of the

2 minsReview of Decisions and Action Items Chairs
2 minNext meeting
Potential discussion on ideal Governance Framework from APAC specific context


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  1. New members


  1. Status of Process & Roles TF - 
    1. Call for volunteers from across the WGs to come forward to contribute.
  2. Status of Governance Architecture TF


  1. Governance Stack Design Principles Pre-Draft Deliverable.
  2. Brief on timeline and collaboration plan for the GSWG + TSWG 5-deliverable package
  3. Principles of SSI (


  1. Draft Deliverable and proposed Task Force)
    1. Motion passed by ToIP Steering Committee 2020-12-09: "RESOLVED: that the Steering Committee recommends that the ToIP Governance Stack WG form a Task Force for delivering the Principles of SSI as a ToIP Design Principles deliverable for formal reference by ToIP-based governance frameworks and TIPs that choose to incorporate these principles"
    2. Task Force Page - Principles of SSI Task Force
    3. Task Force volunteers
      1. Drummond Reed
      2. sankarshan
      3. Steve McCown
      4. Karl Kneis
      5. Daniel Bachenheimer
      6. Andre Kudra
      7. Kalyan Kulkarni
  2. Decentralized SSI Governance white paper (for consideration as Pre-Draft Deliverable)
  3. Governance Stack Design Principles (Pre-Draft Deliverable)


  1. Recap from ToIPF Webinar - ToIP & Government
  2. Review of Decisions and Action Items
  3. Next meeting



Action Items