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Chairs and Vice Chairs

Chairs: Kalin NicolovAndrew Slack Bentley Farrington 


Bentley Farrington

Nicky Hickman

Vice Chairs: Kimberly Linson



Kalin Nicolov 

Kimberly Linson Bentley Farrington

Phil Wolff

Lal Chandran

Jim St.Clair


  1. Improve accessibility and user experience: Design principles, accessibility standards, best practice UX & HCI examples, and novel human interface guidelines for self-sovereign identity and decentralized digital trust infrastructure.
  2. Promote inclusion and diversity: Ethnographic user research, user model frameworks, toolkits & field guides for framing challenges & building solutions unique to the ToIP stack.
  3. Challenging the status quo: Outside-in definitions through B2C campaign of gathering definitions, experiences and stories about identity, trust, privacy and security.
  4. Giving Voice to People:  business requirements definitions expressed as user stories; customer councils that enable diverse groups to provide input directly into ToIP community roadmap, deliverables and priorities.

The current focus of HXWG is supporting and the ongoing work in the Interaction Pattern Task Force.

The table below lists all HXWG deliverables that have been approved to move beyond Pre-Draft status. WG members are welcome to follow the links to contribute, either by joining the responsible Task Force (TF) or contributing directly to a deliverable document.