Welcome to the Interaction Patternss Task Force. Thank you for stopping by.

Our TF Meetings are held on alternate Thursdays at 16.00UTC / 09.00PT. Zoom call link  →  see the ToIP Calendar for more details.

All those with an interest or expertise in human experience, ethical design, consent agreements, human-computer-interaction, interaction design are especially welcome. 

Our focus

  • How do we enable trustworthy data exchange interactions in wallets?
  • What are best practice interaction patterns, what research and feedback has been gathered to support these? 
  • What existing standards and work in our broader communities can or should be built on?
  • Where is there opportunity for the development of new standards or patterns to unlock improved or novel digital transaction experiences?

Our deliverables

  1. A repository of resources demonstrating exemplary work and references. 
  2. Opinionated principles about how to enable trusted digital interactions.
  3. Guiding best practices for macro and micro interaction patterns. 

We WILL NOT deliver a component library, design system or UI kit.
We MAY deliver icons, example phrasing, language usage or layouts.
We SHOULD deliver mockups or representations that demonstrate best practice patterns.


To enable consistent, accessible and trustworthy data exchange experiences for all, and to make it easier for those designing and developing in our community to implement them.

The experience and security of any system operated by people depends on the information conveyed through user interfaces, the response of the users, and the interpretation of their actions. Existing interaction patterns in wallets tend towards visual-centric models and rely on inconsistent representations and interaction patterns.

Trustworthy data exchange is a foundational building block in the infrastructure of modern society, for it to function as a public good it must be available and accessible to all. As such inclusive design of data exchange systems is needed to ensure safe and consistent use. Consistency does not however mean uniformity, interfaces should be adapted to provide contextually relevant experiences that meet the unique environmental and cultural needs of those interacting with these systems. 

Opinionated principles and best practice interaction patterns can provide guide-rails to deliver humane, transparent and consistent behaviours while allowing for a culturally, contextually diverse ecosystem to flourish.

Create a living resource that:

  • Articulates opinionated principles about how to enable trusted digital interactions.
  • Highlights existing standards and best practices to follow.
  • Recommends best practice approaches to building macro and micro interactions that are backed by research and insight from industry and real world use.
  • Identifies opportunities for the development of new standards or patterns to unlock novel transaction experiences.


  • The scope is limited to developing best practices within wallet applications (layer-2 intervention in the ToIP stack).
  • The intention is to identify overlaps with ongoing work in the Open Wallet Foundation.

Links & Files 

Existing work, standards <ToDo>
Web Accessibility Initiative and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), https://www.w3.org/WAI/

Resource and references wiki page  <ToDo>
Data Patterns Catalogue, ProjectsByIF. https://catalogue.projectsbyif.com
Humane by Design, Jon Yablonski. https://humanebydesign.com
CalmTech, Amber Case. https://calmtech.com
Consent Mechanisms, Dr Arianna Rossi. https://wiki.trustoverip.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=19656880
Gov.UK Design Patterns, research driven eg.

Deliverables & Milestones

Timelines to be decided in first TaskForce sessions




Delivery Date




Convene & Shape

Bring TF together, agree approach, how to publish and target output plus timeline

Feb '23



Existing Work Review

Review literature, standards, design systems, community efforts etc




Working Group Roadtrip

Reach out to other working groups. What has been done, what is most in need?


Not started



Design principles are opinionated standards to drive decision making and ensure consistent implementations.


Not started



General best practice rules for interface elements (accessibility, colour, language, type, state etc.)


Not started


Macro Interactions

Task/goal oriented interactions that may be made up of multiple steps and interface components.
How do I …?


Not started


Micro Interactions

Single component interaction patterns.
How should component x…?


Not started



Publish v1.0 


Not started


Andrew Slack Bentley Farrington 

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