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  1. Housekeeping announcement
    1. Please keep microphone on mute if you are not speaking
    2. This meeting will be recorded - start recording before the next item
  2. Welcome notes; Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy and requirement to be a member of this WG by signing the charter to be read out or shown (2 mins)
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is to 
      1. discuss progress on activities of the active TFs
      2. introduce the dashboard project underway at the Ops team
  3. Introduction of new members - please introduce yourself on the call or by using the chat function in the format Name; Affiliation; Location; any other detail you would like to share
    1. (no new members at this instance of the WG meeting)
  4. Announcement: Changes in the upcoming schedule of the meeting of this WG. Please note what with DST in vogue, the actual timings for non US based participants will change.
    1. Next Meeting Date : 12-Nov-2020 (in view of holidays in November etc)
    2. Subsequent Schedule : Every 4 weeks (once a month on a specific day of the month) ; fix the meeting schedule by collaborating with David Luchuk
  5. Announcement: The Ops Team will be switching us to the same standard "one Meeting notes page per meeting" format as the other WGs are using Steven Milstein
    1. A template to make it easier to set expectations for folks who are attending multiple WG and TF meetings. Also includes "Tasks" and "Action Items" etc
    2. Scott Perry - deciding on a meeting to start with to implement this from the next instance of a WG meeting
    3. Kalyan - "This one page per meeting allows to jot down details in an elaborative manner. I like this way of detailing."
  6. Introduction to the new dashboard project from the Ops team
    1. Based on 'Kanban' concept, will have WG and TF names and list of ToDo with state and status of tasks; drag-n-drop based UX
    2. No requirement of PRs etc
    3. Ops team reps are available to help WGs/TFs bootstrap into this new dashboard implementation.
      1. Karl - how to mitigate against this becoming yet-another-repository of artefacts leading to more dissonance
      2. Steven - the approach is light-weight and replaces the individual sets of ToDo lists and possibly harmonization
      3. Dan Gisolfi - work across the Foundation is yet to adopt "agile"; the approach here is a first step towards that outcome; Ops is helping WGs/TFs to work more efficiently. The meeting schedule change indicates that the WG is looking at adopting "scrum of scrums" way of working with updates, dashboards and focus on deliverables.
      4. Paul Knowles from the perspective of the WG he has been involved in the evolution has been towards updates for TFs and FGs within.
  7. Updates from the activities of the TFs
    1. Governance Architecture TF
      1. Primary focus to date has been the ToIP governance metamodel
      2. Need to get GitHub repo set up (with Ops team support) to commit the Pre-Draft document
      3. Need to select an editing tool for the ToIP Governance Architecture spec
      4. Proposed next meeting date: Tuesday Nov 10th, 10:00-11:00 PT / 17:00-18:00 UTC (please ask for meeting invite on the Slack channel for the TF)
    2. Process & Roles TF
      1. Set of documents approved in Pre-Draft deliverable status; please check the list under the wiki page for this TF
      2. Reviews requested of these documents from TF members as well as those who are interested in contributing; also assess the readiness and maturity of the documents to be presented to the WG
      3. Proposed next meeting date : Scott Perry(please update) (please join the Slack channel for the TF for comments, conversations and participation)
  8. Sharing of notes from the Special Meeting with Naomi Szekeres, Network of Networks Director at T3 Networks
  9. Sharing of notes from any IIW31 session
    1. Karl Kneis - ToIP and Digital Trust Ecosystems (multiple ToIP attendees)
    2. Drummond Reed, Principles of SSI
    3. Drummond Reed, ToIP Interoperability Profiles (TIPs)
    4. (insert your name ; session title ; session convener)
  10. Karen Hand EFWG Whitepaper initiative and collaboration across WGs

NA/EU Meeting - Thursday 15 October 2020