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  1. Housekeeping announcement
    1. Please keep microphone on mute if you are not speaking
    2. This meeting will be recorded - start recording before the next item
  2. Welcome notes; Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy to be read out or shown (2 mins)
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is (a) to seek progress around on-going tasks (b) introduce any new activity planned (c) working topics specific to this WG
  3. Introduction of new members - please introduce yourself on the call or by using the chat function in the format Name; Affiliation; Location; any other detail you would like to share (5 mins)
    1. Eric Welton(Korsimoro) - not really a new member, but I've returned from several months off-grid and am getting caught up with what's been happening.
  4. Status Update from NA/EU call (15 mins)
    1. Review on - Governance Architecture TSS (Drummond Reed). "Accepted to be a Draft" is available for review here."
      1. Eric Drury - This is comprehensive and helps understand the details about meta models we are looking at under the GSWG
    2. Review on - (Scott Perry) "Pre-Draft" is available for - Process and Roles Recommendations | Credentials Class Definitions | Master Credential Policy Template
  5. Present/Walk through of Outline on Governance Framework Templates (Eric Drury ) 15 mins - Outline document is available here
      Clarifying discussion on above #5 (10 mins)
      1. Eric Drury -
        1. The thought was to make an attempt to define some sort of a model for templates under the GSWG
        2. Do we have the governance of the governance stack, of the technology stack, so on and so forth - that was the triggering point
    1. Clarifying discussion on above #5 (10 mins)
      1. Drummond Reed - This is interesting - gives different perspective on the deliverables. Another way of envisaging the templates and meta models.
      2. The two stacks under ToIP explained by Drummond - Meta Model of ToIP Stack - Tech stack defines technical interoperability from top to bottom - similar to the one under governance stack
      3. Eric Drury - I thought of looking at governance model at each layer specifically
      4. Drummond - One of the key component is principles - idea is "Principles guide policies”
      5. Eric Drury - We need to provide some context on what is happening under the governance frameworks. What will be the highest level of inheritance?
      6. Eric Welton - Inheritance does not necessarily mean we have to have a pyramid.
      7. Eric Drury - How is the way forward for us to continue contributing for the meta model.
      8. Drummond - We may be can form a focused group which can start working on the meta models.
      9. Scott Perry - Work being done by Eric needs a home and I think Governance Architecture TF is a place.
    2. Action - It was acknowledged that we need to have a Meta Models TF (more like a focused group) formed which will take this thought to next level to derive meta models for the GF layers -
      1. Following members volunteered to contribute to this TF -
        1. Drummond Reed
        2. Eric Drury
        3. Kalyan Kulkarni
        4. John Phillips
    3. Any Other Business

    NA/EU Meeting - Thursday 01 October 2020