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  1. Housekeeping announcement
    1. Please keep microphone on mute if you are not speaking
    2. This meeting will be recorded - start recording before the next item
  2. Welcome notes; Linux Foundation antitrust policy to be read out or shown on screen (2 mins)
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is (a) to seek progress around on-going tasks (b) introduce any new activity planned (c) working topics specific to this WG
  3. Introduction of new members - please introduce yourself on the call or by using the chat function in the format Name; Affiliation; Location; any other detail you would like to share (5 mins)
  4. Status Update (to be populated before the meeting for display/reading) in the format Activity Name; Activity Owner; Current Work; Next Milestone (5 mins)
    1. Pre-Draft Deliverables (WIP)
      1. Governance Architecture TSS (Drummond Reed)
      2. Process and Roles Recommendations (Scott Perry )
      3. Credentials Class Definitions (Scott Perry )
      4. Master Credential Policy Template (Scott Perry)
      5. Master Credential Poilicy Recommendation (Scott Perry)
  5. Any clarifying discussions on agenda item above (10 mins)
  6. Introduction of planned and upcoming new activity in the format Activity Name; Activity Owner; Planned end state (5 mins)
    1. Loren Ipsum
  7. Any clarifying discussions on agenda item above (5 mins)
  8. Business of this WG (25 mins)
    1. Receiving and working on inputs from other WGs where GSWG input, consultation and engagement is desired
    2. Loren Ipsum
  9. Any Other Business
    1. GSWG representative for the Operations work - Steven Milstein
    2. Interest in a special meeting with Naoimi Szekeres, T3 Innovation Network of Networks lead, to provide input on her questions about governance of the T3 Network.
    3. Add any links to resources/news/updates relevant to this WG