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  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is to enable the participants to meet and discuss the roadmap of deliverables
  2. Introduction of new members - 5 minutes (Please use the format: Name / Affiliation / Location / any other detail you would like to share)
  3. Guides and Processes - introduction to the topic by Dan Gisolfi
    1. - call-to-action is to build on the guides already existing as exemplars and across the Foundation come up with templates relevant to the work underway
  4. GSWG Leadership Updates

  5. Activities since our last NA/EU call
    1. Recap of GSWG APAC Call  - sankarshan
      1. Notes can be found here (hat tip to Scott Perry for his scribe role)
      2. Summary
        1. Introduction to the Governance Architecture TF with some extensive conversation around how it all fits in
        2. Encouraging the group to think deeply over the Critical Success Factors - as how it can help shape future growth of the group
        3. A high level introduction to the Health ID plan proposed by the Union Government of India - there have been sporadic discussions on various channels about it. The group also encourages participating members to share any proposal/policy document so that there is an increase in level of awareness and a structured approach to unpacking the proposals along the mission, values and vision of the Foundation.
  6. Presentation Topics - Key Deliverables from our Group
    1. GSWG Status Slides to ToIP All-Member Member Meeting - An in-depth discussion - All
    2. Roadmap of GSWG Deliverables - Drummond
    3. First Look - Class Definitions of Verifiable Credentials - Scott Perry
      1. Preview of Credentials Policy Template
  7. Open Discussion -
    1. Purpose of Bi-Weekly Meetings and Topics for future meetings
    2. Critical Success Factors in the adoption of ToIP deliverables (the items listed below are intended to be a starter set) - 
      1. CSF 1: Agree on what is an ecosystem?
      2. CSF2: Define the criteria to prove possession of a private key used to sign VCs

      3. CSF 3: The set of due diligence required to sign a VC with a stated level of assurance

      4. CSF 4: Agree on the Stack diagram

      5. CSF 4:Define the role of a governance authority over an ecosystem
    3. Outreach and engagement from ToIP members