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  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy (4 minutes into the start time)
    1. The objective of this WG meeting is to enable the participants to meet and interact with our new Program Manager Dave Luchuk and to get update on work done so far under Trust Assurance, Roles & Process TFs
    2. Introductory notes from Kalyan
  2. Introductions of new members - 5 minutes (Please use the format: Name / Affiliation / Location / any other detail you would like to share) (5 mins into the meeting)
    1. John Phillips - Working in SSI for the last 3.5 years, helping to explain the concepts and benefits to educational and commercial organisations as well as government bodies. Co-chair of the Sovrin Foundation's Working Group on Guardianship and creator of that popsicle sticks and foam figure explanation of SSI on
  3. GSWG Leadership Updates - (10 minutes into the meeting)
    1. Recap of GSWG EU Call  - sankarshan  
      1. Notes from the meeting and next set of tasks can be found here.
  4. Presentation Topic - Getting to know ToIP new Program Manager Dave Luchuk (11 minutes into the meeting)
    1. John Phillips - can all of this be done or do we need to find what to scope and review existing work
    2. Alex - how does work in this WG intersect with PCTF work underway
    3. Kalyan - the APAC teams are yet to begin contributions into ongoing ToIP work - what specific asks does Dave have on APAC?
  5. Presentation Topic - Dive into the work done so far in Trust Assurance and Roles & Processes TF (15 minutes) - Scott Perry 
  6. Open Discussion / Q&A 
    1. News from India - "Government announced - National Digital Health Blueprint" - Potential for leveraging TOIP work (5 mins) - Kalyan Kulkarni
    2. Opportunities for APAC GSWG to contribute in existing or new TFs, Use Cases, etc. / other regional topics
  7. Topics for future meetings:
    1. Public Initiative in Kochi, India to form a consortia for issuance of digital identity to the citizens.
    2. Quick peek at "Digital Health ID" Initiative in India - How a govt driven governance model may shape up
    3. Participation by few industry veterans
    4. <Contribute/Propose name>