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  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
  2. Introductions of new members - 5 minutes (Please use the format: Name / Affiliation / Location / any other detail you would like to share)
  3. GSWG Leadership Updates - 5 minutes
    1. Drummond Reed on Writing Sabbatical for August
    2. Roles and Processes TF led by Scott
    3. Liaison page - Liaison and Leadership with standards organizations (please provide detail if you are working with other standards and like organizations)
      1. Victor Golubkov - bringing his focus on education and digital identity credentials for learners; waiting for the Internet of Education TF to commence.
        1. Modeling of educational credentials is on-going work
      2. Catherine - the DIF Interop WG is likely going to have impact
      3. Alex - there is a need for integrating the governance into the use cases (for the CCI initiative) to enable scaling up
    4. Jim's introduction to the Patient Identity Task Force - to focus on patient processes and information and patient identity
  4. Presentation Topic -
    1. Scott Perry - Commencement of Trust Assurance TF - 10 minutes
      1. Introduction to the need and concepts around Trust Assurance
        1. Laying out why work around governance framework needs to consider trust criteria and risks
      2. Call to Action (for the TF to be announced)
    2. Catherine Nabbala (Finema, Bangkok) - 20 minutes - Work being done by Finema in Thailand - Approach taken to encourage the government to participate in the initiative.
      1. Finema provides a decentralized identity solution comprised of IDIN Blockchain (private), IDIN IAM and Wallet
      2. Trust Triangle based solution available for public health, education, retail, finance, legal identity and devices
      3. Approach to new tech adoption - awareness/education; basic use cases around VCs; interoperability; assistance with drafting guidelines
        1. identity custodian approach rather than "pure" SSI (which is likely to have some strides to take before wider adoption)
  5. Open Discussion / Q&A 
    1. Opportunities for APAC GSWG to contribute in existing or new TFs, Use Cases, etc. / other regional topics
    2. Readiness of the reference stack from ToIP will help influence the government adoption; availability of content in the local language helps
      1. Scott - active participation in driving the above requirement is going to be useful

NA/EU Meeting Thursday, 6 August 2020 — 11:00-12:00 PT / 18:00-19:00 UTC