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Table of Contents

This page describes the GSWG Trust Assurance Task Force (the "GSWG TA TF"). 


  1. ToIP Trust Assurance Primer (Google Document version) provides an overview of Trust Assurance concepts and why it is an important aspect of ToIP governance. (Google Document version)
  2. ToIP Risk Assessment Kit is a guide that Governance Authorities can use to develop a a risk assessment enabling a proper control scheme to be implemented 
  3. ToIP List of SSI and Verifiable Credential Risks is an inventory of various risks that affect the Governance Stack for consideration in risk assessments
  4. ToIP Levels of Assurance defines classes of objects (e.g. credentials) and actors participating in creating, maintaining and using those objects at defined levels of assurance
  5. ToIP Ecosystem Control Objectives and Practices identifies a set of control requirements and suggested control practices of roles in an ecosystem to address risks in an ecosystem and varying levels of assurance
  6. ToIP Trust Assurance Framework Implementation Guide is a reference guide to Governance Authorities to assist in creating an appropriate risk-based scheme for an ecosystem
  7. ToIP Risk Assessment (Google Document version), Trust Assurance, and Certification Controlled Document Template is a model are models for governance framework developers to assist in creating this various controlled document documents of the governance metamodelGovernance Metamodel.
  8. ToIP Trust Criteria Matrix Template (Google Document version) is a model for governance frameworks that want to enact their own assurance criteria for governed roles operating in the ecosystem. (Google Document version)
  9. ToIP Certification and Trust Marks is a deep dive into enacting a formal certification scheme using Trust Marks