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The CCI GF V2 draft document can be found at the following link:  CCI GF V2 Draft

The final v2 Public Review draft document can be found at the following link : CCI GF v2 Public Review Draft


  1. Chris Raczkowski
  2. Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay (sankarshan), Dhiway
  3. Drummond Reed, Evernym


Task ItemDue ByStatus
Outline of the Master Document for v2 with major sections outlined in Table of Contents 16-Jul-2020Completed
List of all appendices to be included with Master Document for v2 16-Jul-2020Completed
Completion (sign-off and availability) of first draft of main body Master Document for v216-Aug-2020Completed
Completion (sign-off and inclusion) of first drafts of all appendices of the Master Document for v2 30-Aug-2020Completed
CCI GF v2 in English available for review (ToIP and CCI groups)
21-Sep-2020In progress (revised date)Completed
Readiness of CCI GF v2 for outreach and communications30-Sep-2020Completed
Final availability of the CCI GF v2 (Public Draft)05-OctNov-2020Completed

Key milestones will include, but are not limited to:


The work of the CCI GF TF will be complete when the participants are ready to instantiate an XXX governance authority to implement the XXX GF.

Meeting Schedule

NOTE: With the public review period of the v2 draft now complete, the Task Force is not hosting any meetings until end of 2020

The Task Force hosts 2 sets of meetings. Meeting notes and agenda are maintained on this document.

  • Weekly meetings on Monday at 4:00pm Paris/Berlin/Cape Town; 10:00am New York; 7:00am San Francisco.
  • Weekly meetings on Thursday at 1300 (Seoul) ; 0930 (India)

Mailing List and Communications