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Send an email to to request a calendar invite (you can subscribe to the mailing list at


  •  Member Introductions
  •  Meeting Cadence
  •  Working Group Mission
  •  Topics to be Addressed by Working Group
  •  Visions of Group Deliverables

See this Google Slides presentation for the full agenda. Summary:

  1. Welcome from the conveners (Scott, Tom, Drummond—5 min)
  2. Introductions (15 min)
  3. Mission and scope of this WG (Tom—10 min)
  4. Real-world example of a full-stack GF (John Jordan—5 min)
  5. Discussion of potential initial work items (Scott—15 min)
  6. Logistics (Drummond—10 min)
    1. Mailing list
    2. Wiki
    3. Github repo structure (repository of best practices)
    4. Task Forces
    5. Chairs
    6. Meeting schedule

Meeting Notes