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  • DECISION: The CTWG recommends that the Trust Registry Task Force use the TSWG terms wiki rather than create a separate terms wiki unless it feels very strongly about having a separate terms wiki.

Action Items

  •  ACTION: Judith Fleenor will check with Elisa Trevino and the LF Program Management office about how EasyCLA permissions work and what needs to be done to enable it to work with our repos (and solve Nicky Hickman's issue). Note: Brian suggested the solution may be able to turn off EasyCLA on that branch.
  •  ACTION: Rieks Joosten, Chadha, and Brian Richter all need maintainer permissions for all Terminology Toolbox 2.0 repos. 
  •  ACTION: Brian Richter to prepare a proposed SOW (Statement of Work) for the CTWG Terminology Toolbox 2.0 work and send it to Rieks Joosten, Drummond Reed, and Judith Fleenor.
  •  ACTION: Drummond Reed and Neil Thomson to coordinate on an action plan for the Technology Architecture TF terms wiki and glossary.