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12, April 2022  — 11:00 PT, 14:00 ET, 18:00 UTC, 19:00 CET

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Alex Tweeddale Lynn Bendixsen


  • Assign action items for next meeting
  • Establish work plan for WG deliverables and workflow guidance
  • Gather agenda suggestions for next meeting

Antitrust Policy

Agenda Items

1 minWelcome

2 mins

Antitrust Policy Notice

5 minsAnnouncementsChairs & All

Scott Perry - Governance Stack - see discussion points

Velocity Network (focus on education credential) - special guest talk for upcoming working group session

10 minsAction Item ReviewChairs
  •  DID Rubric updates - Alex
  •  Terms in deliverable -  removed and will tie to ToIP Glossary upon completion
  •  Layer 1 Framework with Tech Arch Taskforce; Alex to join call
  •  Create a blog to attract new members - new leadership, 2022 initiatives, who to contact and get involved to be posted to website - complete
  •  what other utilities are out to join in members - register with ToIP; target specific people with specific request for input 
    •  make list of utilities up and coming - contacts - strategy for discussing to become members
  •  Utility overviews - schedule for introducing other utilities/guest speakers; update and newly featured - work through updates of DiD Utility Comparison document
  •  Relay to broader ToIP the other deliverables we have targeted to garner interest in carrying forward; how do deliverables use artifacts, order to be read - someone comes in new as a beginner and needs to get educated - target upcoming All Hands Call
15 minsWhat's Next

A. Tweeddale

  • Finalize deliverable - Public Identity Utilities for Digital Trust Ecosystems - an Overview
  • Discussion on next deliverable to prioritize
    • New Deliverable Recommendations
      • DiD Utility Comparison - add a descriptor and purpose of the network to help in evaluation of networks
      • Priority Deliverables  - Public Identity Utilities for Digital Trust Ecosystems, Comparison document, DiD Utility Comparison
0 minsUpdates on UtilitiesL. Bendixsen


0 mins





Task Force SOS (Scrum of Scrums)

TF NameMissionMembersStatus

Public Identity Utilities for Digital Trust Ecosystems - an Overview

This document provides a comprehensive framework on how to evaluate whether an existing Layer 1 Public Utility (Utility) will meet your needs as a consumer or considerations that should be made when looking to develop a Self-Sovereign Identity (“SSI”) ecosystem of your own.

Draft in final review - ToIP Layer 1 - Utility Foundry - Google Docs

DID Utility ComparisonRubric with criteria for choosing a utility to support evaluation

Decision Points

Discussion Items

Layer specific governance framework - Governance Working Group - trust assurance framework for blockchain utility layer - what are the rules that a network would want to follow, what would be the standard set of rules associated with utilities - bring into template to bring out to market. Governance stack working group meeting on the 24th March, 11am PT/2pm ET. Standard/Common roles and processes - layer 1 will see the most diversity

Updates to the Public Identity Utilities for Digital Trust Ecosystems - an Overview deliverable - more visual framework on a wiki. Added broad differentiators and standards - explain on tech and standards level how they compare. Comparison of other base protocols along with Hyperledger Indy. Addition of scoring system with questions aligned to the scoring criteria categories - questions meant to be answered in more yes/no format. Document could be used as the basis for the Governance Stack discussion

  • Work to create rubric for considerations when choosing a utility that can be used by individuals to evaluate. A sample will be provided. Need to ensure that there is clear definition
  • Should consider adding a couple of questions re: Security considerations and Maintenance - what is the frequency
  • Future considerations - add whether Quantum ready

Reschedule Joe Andreou to join next call - ensure tie in to DID Rubric framework

Time Zone challenges - KochiOrgBook team - APAC specific call, Alex could provide update

Open Items

Low priority items that failed gain volunteers to champion cause.