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Membership review

Judith Fleenor The following new members were announced:

Organizational Contributor Members:

Cloud 10 Consulting 

Individual Contributor Members:

Alta Nel


Action Item Updates:

Wenjing Chu gave an overview of the purpose and process for the Creation of Criteria for Steering Committee Membership.


New Business:
Judith Fleenor suggested that we do an end of year member survey and asked who would like to be involved in creating that. 
The following people raised their hands.  Drummond Reed Wenjing Chu 
Steve McCown


Communications Committee updates

Judith Fleenorgave updated on the following:

  • Year In Review BLOG is posted on Home Page and in the ToIP News
  • MS based ToIP Deliverable Templates have been approved and are in use. 
    A co-branded policy and version is being worked on.
  • Discussion Papers will be added to the “Our Work” dropdown menu
  • Upcoming BLOG posts being worked on:
    • Government of Ontario meeting at ToIP
    • IIW Recap
    • BLOG post on the three GSWG deliverable being approved tonight.
    • Joint BLOG in support of the DIF Spec from ToIP/DIF
    • OIX/MOU, if approved by SC
    • TBD: BLOG post for Beyond Credentials Exchange Nov. Special Topic meeting
    • TBD: BLOG for IWG-GHP approved deliverables after SC approval

Drummond Reedgave an update on the "Core Four"

  • The ToIP Introductory White Paper - Ajay Madhok and Wenjing Chu are now working on graphics for the first document.
  • The Design Principles document - is very close to being ready, except for the graphics
  • Technology Architecture Specification and the Governance Architecture Specification are cycling through the governance stack working group  and technology stack working group respectively.

Judith Fleenor gave an update on the need for review of the "Scroll View of the Info Graphic and did a call out for proposed use cases for the Use Case Views.  The please send any comments and suggestion you have for the InfoGraphic directly to Peter Stoko or to Judith Fleenor  The sandbox is here.

Judith Fleenor gave update on the following:

  • Co-Branding of Indy/Arise Workshop being developed by Indicio.
  • Trademark registration is being investigated.
  • Cross collaboration has started between ToIP and DIF and will expand to other organizations to collaborate on BLOG posts, educational papers, and tools, etc.
  • Future possible:  BLOG and/or event on mDLs and VCs working together
  • Future possible:  Video Content

Hwajeong Hwangasked about "... strategic possible that a blog or event and mDLs and the VC a working together is possible and what we get is on a table or what is the stage."  Judith Fleenorexplained that is was an idea that came out of several session that Andrew Hughes gave at IIW and we are just in the brain storming stage for creation of such and event or series of BLOGs.  Hwajeong Hwangshared that the Korean project might be in at pilot test by then.  Judith Fleenor suggested that is she or LG CNS want to write a case study BLOG that would be great.

Drummond Reedshared:The announcements in the US, the first there were, I think it was five and five or six states that announced that they were going to start to issue in the ISO mDL format. And then I think it's been one more that's been since then and apple and Google both announced, they would accept those in their wallets.   At IIW there were several session on the verifiable credential forma and mDL, and you know this whole question of how the two are going to evolve to work together.

Judith Fleenorinvited Hwajeong Hwangto consider giving and educational special topic meeting about their implementation of mobile drivers lic. 

Action Item Updates:  Recording minute 16-31 for the discussion

Wenjing Chu gave an overview of the purpose and process for the Creation of Criteria for Steering Committee Membership.  Well documented in the slides above.

Two Main Points:

  • Need not only the criteria, but also the associated process
  • This moves into more formalized Policy and Procedure documents for the Foundation as a whole.

Judith Fleenoradded that in addition to the named criteria we need to also have a process for how they show they meet that criteria, what artifacts to the present at the time of elections.

Wenjing Chumentioned that another reason for having the criteria is so that we know who we are wishing to attract to the Foundation.  Judith Fleenoragreed and said this was one of her hidden agendas in having this work done.  

Wenjing Chuasked for others to join the effort, and Judith Fleenorsuggested that draft an invite to be sent to the larger community.

Governance Stack Working Group approved deliverables


Open Identity Exchange, MOU: Recording discussion from 36 min to 40 min markers

A discussion what had about the OIX MOU, and consensus was that the Steering Committee would like to go forward with creating the MOU.  Judith Fleenorto follow-up with Nick Mothershaw from OIX.

Drummond Reedgave an overview of OIX conference and their positioning of VC within their trust framework guides.

Judith Fleenorreminded Drummond Reedthat he agreed to write a BLOG post about it when the OIX/ToIP MOU is signed by both organizations.

Steering Committee Membership Renewals

Judith Fleenor announced that Invoices for Steering Committee Renewals will be coming out shortly directly from LF.  If any Steering Committee member needs a PO created for their organization to reach out to Elisa Trevino for assistance.  If you want your invoice sent early, please just let us know.

Judith Fleenor Also, plans to have one-on-one conversations with each SC member to learn what's going on in your organization and how ToIP is serving you.  Also, to hear from you what other organizations you think should be involved at ToIP.  Please reach out to Judith Fleenor with available times to have a conversation.

End of Members Survey

Judith Fleenor announced that we will be doing an end of year members survey and that Drummond Reed Wenjing Chu and Steve McCown volunteered to help craft the survey.  Judith Fleenor asked if anyone else would like to be involved in the crafting of the survey.  The following people volunteered to help: sankarshan and John Phillips   If anyone else would like to participate just send Judith Fleenor an email or ping her on slack.

Old Business

Creation of Process for Code of Conduct Violations
A team to create this is still needed, Judith Fleenorwill reach out to SC members to see who in their organization would be able to give guidance.

Upcoming Meetings

Judith Fleenor reviewed the upcoming meetings, noting that several dates have been changed to avoid conflict with IIW and US Holidays:


Hwajeong Hwang asked about the DID Spec and a discussion followed.  Judith Fleenor asked about the SC desire to put out a joint BLOG in support of the Spec and the consensus was to move forward with doing that.  Judith Fleenorto too meet with Chris Kelly from DIF to too finalized.  Please review the draft and make any comments before Friday.

Action items

 Karl Kneisand Wenjing Chu volunteered to start working to draft an invite to others to help  work on creating a "criteria" for becoming a SC member.

Judith Fleenor to included Drummond Reed Steve McCown and Wenjing Chu and sankarshan and John Phillips in creation of a members survey.

Judith Fleenor to reach out to SC members for end of year one-on-one conversations.