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APAC Governance Stack WG Bi-Weekly Call - Kicks off - Wednesday, 29 July 2020 — 09:30-10:30 IST/ 21:00-22:00 PT / 04:00-05:00 UTC


Send an email to to request a calendar invite (you can subscribe to the mailing list at

  1. Welcome to attendees and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
    1. Introductory notes from Kalyan
    2. Introductions from participants
      1. Scott Perry
      2. Steven Milstein
      3. Eric Drury - independent consultant in DLT and supply chain
      4. Vinod
      5. Drummond Reed
  2. New member introductions
    1. Eric Chou, Snowbridge
      1. digital certificates to help prove ownership of land
    2. Alex David, South Korea
      1. DID based system
    3. Victor Syntez - educational professional from Victoria BC. I've got interested in blockchain and ID about a year ago. I consider that SSI can bring increadible change to education field and would like to contribute to that improvement. I hope to help TOIP in that.

    4. Kazuto Yoshimura - BTC Cooporation, a Japanese IT consulting company. I have just started to learn the ToIP govenance stacks, and I'm curious how the specifications are going to be explored here
    5. Catherine Nabbala, Finema - Global Coordinator for Finema. We are an Enterprise Decentralized Identity Platform based in Bangkok, Thailand.
  3. Reviewing the mission of the Governance Stack WG
    1. Drummond's introduction to the Layers in the ToIP stack
  4. Recap of work done from EU/NA meeting - TFs, TSS, TIPs, convening of first two Task Forces
  5. Open Discussion - Opportunities for APAC GSWG to contribute in existing or new TFs, Use Cases, etc. / other regional topics
    1. Kalyan - introduction around the hackathon themed for the National Health Stack; absence of health regulations
    2. Drummond - "trust is contextual" - there are universal aspects to it (authentication/authorization). digital trust ecosystem includes culture, law and social norms
    3. Vinod - including the concept of DID (thinking about decentralized identity - is important to position use cases etc re-purpose and present it for local context). "interoperable but specific for each trust community" (quote from Drummond as response to Vinod's inputs)
    4. sankarshan - taking the time between now and the next meeting to create specific work items to focus and start work on
  6. Meeting Bridge -