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Provide practical guidance on how guardianship arrangements can be addressed for the "Reopening Global Travel" problem that is the focus of the current Blueprint release in a manner that is consistent with the Good Health Pass principles and approach.

Terms of Reference

Current release of the GHP Blueprint (V2.0 June 23)

The addendum to be a stand-alone section to the extent possible (self-consistent and aligned with existing content of the GHP Blue where that has relevance to guardianship issues) 

Target completion: 16 August (6 weeks from 5 July)

The Addendum will make use of the existing Guardianship models introduced by eSSIF-Lab and the Sovrin Guardianship Working Group. These models make direct use of the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model. 


Responsibilities and Deliverables


  • An Addendum to the GHP Blueprint document.
  • (Minimal) proposed additions/changes to the main blueprint document to be consistent. 
    These to be kept to a minimum as the addendum is in in this release a stand-alone section. It is possible that the content may be included in the body of future releases of the document but not for this release.

**Note:** as of 20 July 2021 the deliverable is being developed as a Google Doc on the ToIP Good Health Pass Working Group Google Drive, here:

Everyone will access to the Drive will be able to access the document, we can provide view or comment access on request to others.


  • If there is a conflict with existing content, then this is to be discussed with the content author(s) and a resolution agreed
  • New content to be proposed if/as required to the section owner(s) for consideration/inclusion.



Only members of the Trust Over IP Foundation who have signed the necessary agreements and charters are permitted to participate in this Drafting Group and contribute to its deliverables. 

Please add your name to the list below to indicate you have joined the Drafting Group:

Meeting Schedule

Draft at present...

Meetings will be twice weekly with one at the beginning of the Eastern Australian working day and one at the end of the working day - this to maximise the opportunity for others to participate.

The purpose of the meetings will be to review content and agree actions. To keep the meetings efficient, rather than work during the meeting, participants should review existing content and have comments ready for the meeting (and/or placed in the document text) to be discussed. We will aim to keep the meetings to 30 minutes rather than an hour if possible. At present they are set to be 50 minutes long. 

The day and times shown below are Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10)

  • Tuesday 0900 - 0950 (2300 Mon UTC)
  • Thursday 1730 - 1820 (0730 Thu UTC)

Meeting Page

Please find agendas, presentations, notes and recordings for all Drafting Group meetings HERE.


The Slack channel for this Drafting Group ( is #ghp-guardianship

Why this Addendum?

The June 2021 GHPB releases (v1.0, 7 June and v2.0, 23 June) have a few references to guardianship related issues in the documents (there are more in v2.0 than v1.0). However guardianship was not a key focus of these initial drafts of the blueprint. Review comments for V1.0 were provided that proposed guardianship be addressed since it is a common issue with the Traveler use case that is the core problem being addressed in these releases. On the morning of Wed 30 June 2021 (Melbourne time), Kaliya Young and John Phillips agreed that the simplest way to include these considerations was to add an addendum to the document to describe how guardianship could be addressed by the Good Health Pass Blueprint, focusing on its core use case.

On 2021-08-18 a google slide presentation was uploaded to the ToIP Google drive to provide an up to date representation and request for review:

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