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Industry sector: Information Technology


Enabling the alignment of Enterprise IAM and Trust-Over-IP communities. Accelerate real-world value for enterprises and individuals.


  1. Identification of key Enterprise use cases.
  2. Publication of use case solutions.
  3. Technical coordination among vendors, OSS projects, and other stakeholders.

Proposed Schedule

  • First Use Case published by Q1 2021
001Decentralized Authentication and Authorization



Zoom Meeting & Password to be distributed to Task Force participants prior to meeting via mail list.


Please come join us in accelerating Trust Over IP adoption in the Enterprise...
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NameAffiliationIce Breaker  (Comments, Interest, Objectives, Opportunities...
Ken AdlerThoughtWorksInterest: To deliver innovative, business-value-returning Authorization (...and Identity & AuthN...) solutions for Enterprises and NGOs.
Jim St.ClairDinocratesInterest in discovering use cases and PoC opportunities 
Tim HinrichsStyraProvide unified authorization (especially) for cloud-native applications and infrastructure
Aeneas RekkasORYMaintains a popular Open Source Auth* Ecosystem
Ajay JadhavAyanWorks

To standardize the integration efforts with existing OIDC-based IAM platforms.

Will soon start working on a POC for remote user authentication (post COVID-19) using combination of FIDO & Trust Over IP stack.  

Vinod PanickerWiproWorking on a community project to re-purpose TheOrgBook for the city of Kochi .Would like to explore specific use case for IAM (Identity & access Management)

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