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Meeting Schedule


  • Steve Magennis
  • Eric Drury
  • Carly Huitema 
  • P A Subrahmanyam 
  • Noetaker Mark
  • Richard Zbinden (new)
  • Vlad Zubenko
  • Anita Rao
  • Callum Haslam
  • Charles Macpherson (new)
  • Jason (new)
  • Chi Hwa Tang
  • dhoffman
  • Gary de Beer
  • Jacques Bikoundou
  • Jorges Flores
  • Ken Garner
  • Neil Thomson
  • Phil Wolff
  • Richard Zbinden
  • Savita
  • Scott Perry
  • Sumabala Nair 
  • Thomas
  • Tomislav Markovski
  • Trinh

Presentation Files



Agenda Items & Meeting Notes 

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • EFWG Community Topics & Announcements
  • Presentation from Trinsic: "Solving Governance in SSI Ecosystems with Trust Registries"
  • Q&A / Discussion

  • Ecosystem white paper passed by all members present with no dissent

  • Tomislav Markovski presenting Ecosystem Governance and SSI - Trust Registries
  • Importance of Governance in Identity - to provide a layer of trust in an open ecosystem
    • need to protect authentic data

  • Multiple approaches to Governance - who provides the root of trust
    • First three - are fairly decentralized methods
    • last two more decentralized model

  • Trust Registry
    • answers if an ecosystem participant has authority to act according to governance framework
    • practical problem - how for all verifiers maintain lists of all authorized members in a given ecosystem
    • cross ecosystem trust establishment - different ecosystems can identify other ecosystem's trust registries that they also trust
  • Participants don't have to trust ecosystem itself, but that data providence is trusted

  • Types of trust registries
    • Thinking about them in term of technical solutions
    • Not just a list of members, can be other types as well
  • Trinsic has done work with centralized trust registries
  • ToIP trust registry protocol specification

  • Related efforts
  • Trinsic solution
    • the ToIP trust registry specification merged with verifiable credentials
    • No information coded in credential how valid is the credential
      • in an open ecosystem can have anyone issuing credentials
      • add the governance information to the credential for referencing.
      • Can validate the issuer ID but also the governance associated with it.
    • Demo - no yet in production, CLI demo,
    •  two VC demos, good and bad actor issuers and with and without governance for verification
  • Demo on good actor first confirms credentials are valid, not revoked, schema conforms, valid issuer, and signature verified for both good and bad actors. 
  • All the checks pass because there is nothing wrong with both credentials.
  • How do you know? Trust Registry solves this.
  • Issue a credential with governance information encoded.
  • There is an issuer field extension to the VC ,in the credential - not just the issuer DID. It includes claims of which governance framework and trust registry  it belongs to.
    • Now verification doesn't work for the bad actor because the trust registry membership fails (an additional check)
  • Is there a list of EFGs and how do you discover them?
    • No list of Ecosystem Governance Frameworks that exist that someone maintains
    • Presumably it would be published on the website
  • What controls are required to prevent bad actors from adding records to trust registries?

    • Depends on security and design of trust registries -it depends on who manages the registry.

  • How will a standard schema be adopted for a given verifiable credential? Who drives it?

    • Community, adoption, large corporations, open standards e.g. mDL
    • Schemas - will be interesting how communities adopt schemas. Centralizing and standardizing will develop
  • Q. What's next for your project? Where is it going in the next six months or so? 

    • Better management tools.
    • Adding privacy preserving trust registries, especially based on accumulators (useful also for revocation)
  • Q. What do you hope to learn early in deployment?
    • How customers use the product
  • Q. How much do various credential ecosystem parties have to do to extend what they do to include the registry?

    • minimal - current trust registry is membership based, just add and remove members
    • extensions possible
    • e.g. can be member of multiple governance frameworks/trust registries
  • Concerns - correlation attacks, e.g. info leaks from the issuer identity

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Coming up 

  • Resuming regular schedule Sept 15 
  • Next presenter, Sept 29: Trinsic Trust Registry solution