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  • What is a ToIP Ecosystem?

Carly: we started with this... 

and this produced descriptions like these... 

Eric came up with the last paragraph. Required elements.

  • Purposeful
  • Clearly delineated
  • Consent to protocols
  • Scope on information types 
  • Governance framework (what's that?)
  • Trust registry

Prior art, Trinh's paper draft

Eric describes an ecosystem as having seven parts... 

Perhaps the trust registry holds the ecosystem... 

Drummond: Not all ecosystem governance requires onboarding with contractual consent. 

Phil: Consent to governance may be implicit, de facto, or by government fiat (laws/regulations). 

Drummond: How broad is "Digital ID", narrow DID or broadly like OpenID's definition

What are Trust Tools? Wallets, agents, and other tools. 

Carly: There can be several trust registries - you might want to use external registries like a state identification

Drummond: "Context" is reduced to "Scope" in ToIP gov framework language. 

Drummond: Trust List is an EU subset of Trust Registry



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