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Welcome & Introductions

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EFWG Community Topics

Trinh will share her whitepaper for comment to the community and prepare

Governance work
Primary Document Template Link:
Primary document Companion Guide:
Process and Roles:

Governance Framework Layer <X> Requirements Template:

  1. Digital Organisational ID    e.g.    Organisation X
  2. Governance Framework    e.g.     agrees to the ecosystem rules,
  3. Trust Registry                    e.g.     and signs the Registry to formalise that commitment
  4. Schema(s)                         e.g.     so when they issue a statement,
  5. Verifiable Credentials         e.g.     you know it has integrity,
  6. Tangibility Tools                 e.g.     and there are ways for you to verify it.

Comments: where is the scope/context? Add it to this list.

Add to list about requirements?

Trust Registry - can contain more than one trust registry. Could be considered the collection of organizations that have agreed to the ecosystem rules

Landing page: Ecosystem Layer-4 Governance

Learning pathway topics

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