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  • Presentation - Exploring The Talent Marketplace, Jessica Townsend, Dan Brown & Colin Strasburg, Accenture
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Introductions: New members and first time attendees

  • Anushka, Erran Carmel, Jorge F., Richard Zbinden, Michale Nettles

Presentation from Accenture: Dynamic Work Credentials : Focus on HR & Talent

Jessica Townsend - Senior Lead, Dan Brown, Colin Strasburg


  • Workforce expanding interest in gig economy
  • Need to understand skills and certifications of employees,
  • HR functions - need to manage rapid shifts in talent, more contract work : Need help to FIND, ASSESS and VERIFY skills

Dynamic work credentials provides simpler, more efficient (background checking, on-boarding, enablement,...) solution

  • Value for orgs and workers/ customers = provide talent insight, speed to hire, trusted on-boarding experience

Numerous points of interaction - talent marketplace, can build network : All at the hands of the worker

Exciting time - more companies starting outside the US, many fall into decentralised view of the world

Lots of innovation, but not cracked code of applying to HR world and worker credentials

"Internet of careers" and brain trust - create a marketplace of talent

Innovating in crypto and blockchain

Crypto = ability to more fluidly pay workers

Focus on decentralised identity - the ideal future state.

The future of identity systems will be a hybrid (pragmatic) set of solutions. Centralized, federated ID and decentralized

Different issuers need to consider bringing into the ecosystems. health, education, tax, ... All becoming more relevant, and allow individuals ...

Skills are the new/emerging currency in the HR and talent world.

MPS and blockchain provide the foundation for better internal and external talent management

Multitude of credentials - identify issuing authorities to make this a broader play .. Current process is paper-based process, elongated, admin heavy, 

Enabling: Background validation, remote working on-boarding, safe to work, talent skill profile, knowledge profile

Impact on organizations: Talent management, fluid workforce enablement.


Example of joining gig economy as a driver Onboarding.

How can we do this more dynamically, with applicant is in control of their details?


Testing / assessment

Sitting tests online: how do we know it's truly you

Need rigor and trust that the process has been done to highest standard

Applicants may tell white lies - with technology we can have more confidence in where this info is coming from


In-home services

Safer in-home services using decentralized identity.

To share that you have the qualifications to perform an activity.

What's the path towards adoption? Concept of urgency - real life examples (untoward behaviour, 3rd party contractors ...) lead to solutions.

Urgency + available technology = complementing federated and centralised identity, not replacing

There's a need for different identity models


e.g. retailers need to work with competitors (sharing drivers).

e.g. home care want reassurance, to mitigate abuse potential  

What does it take for ignition of an ecosystem? Typically observed is that larger organizations have a significant level of influence in an existing ecosystem then wants to invest in the technologies to improve processes.

  • Engagement Approach:
    • company owned - company will own the solution and can leverage the tool across its industry ecosystem
    • co-invest - sharing cost of structure to demo and create identity capabilities. Company afforded first mover benefits
    • Subscription - fees charged to use the identity capabilities and marketplace of an already established network 

How is value created and scaled - how do you get started?

Figuring out through conversations with clients to help them land on the right use cases and make pilot case out of the one credential. Building a network, want to prove the value and then expand the pilot.

Then expand the pilot by adding credentials - e.g. add additional issuers.

Then expand the ecosystem to add value to the industry - have a full list of credentials, the full list of issuers, you have scaled and this is now an opportunity for a more valuable commercial use space

The larger organizations have the long-standing relationships with the issuers so that they can create mutual solutions.

Erran Question: In year 2027 - where will see that this has started, in the UK and the US?

Jessica answer: Oil and gas, retail spaces, comms and media (field workers, 3rd-party contractors, learning spaces) + UK, NHS (Government-led) 

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