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  • Bi Weekly at 11am est.


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2 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy NoticeChair
3 minIntroduction of new membersChair
20 min

Yoma ecosystem design  - Governance as Product - a different approach to GF development. Domain Modelling with Governance Compass,

Nicky Hickman

20 minResearch Identifier Ecosystem - decentralized vs distributed and how they apply to the ecosystem. Next steps and community input.Carly Huitema
10 minSolution Pack Task Force - Review scope and nominations for chair support.Karl Kneis, Steve Magennis
10 min Active list of ecosystem projects - Call for input and custodian for GIT publishingKarl Kneis

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Yoma Ecosystem, Governance as Product & Code

Research Identifier ecosystem presentation.

Research Identifier Ecosystem.pdf

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