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  • Bi Weekly at 11am est.


Agenda Items

1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy Notice
4 minIntroduction of new members
10 min2020 Review of Working Group progress and things to focus on in 2021Karl Kneis
20 min

White Paper Task Force - Deep dive on process, cross working group collaboration, terminology and deliverable status

Karen Hand

20 min

EFWG Solution Pack Task Force - integrating established trust marks / certification organizations alongside verifiable credentials. Status on deliverables.

Steve Magennis



Agenda & Notes

  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
  2. Introduction of new members

Karl Kneis kicked off the meeting with a review or 2020.  We had lots of activity but are always looking for more participation.  Please reach out to any of our team members to get more involved.  You can also reach out to Karl Kneis or RJ Reiser

Drummond Reed  Ecosystems are hot.  We need more details and focus on deliverables.  "2021 is the year of deliverables."

CCI task force - we would like an update on the standardization of credentials and any current exchange. 

There are a few Vac Credentials that are looking for ToIP to provide the framework and interoperability. More updates on Steering Committee meeting late today. 

Karen Hand - Update on White Paper Task Force. 

We need to get this completed. (See attached slides) This project will help ecosystems participants complete a "White Paper" for their use case.  The goal is to decrease and reduce learning curve to get an ecosystem release and functioning.  The white paper will follow a process and contain required content.   Please sign up for the WhitePaper Task Force. 

Steve Magennis  Presented a solution pack PPT.  See attached PPT.  "


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