Meeting Schedule

  • Bi Weekly at 11am est.


Agenda Items

1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy Notice
4 minIntroduction of new members
15 min

EU Data Governance Act - Considerations for TOIP Ecosystems

Jan Lindquist, Paul Knowles

10 min

Deliverable Nomination - COVID-19 Credentials Implementation Guide based on the CCI Governance Framework V2.0

Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay, Chris Raczkowski 
10 minWhite Paper Nomination -Decentralized SSI governance, the missing link in automating business decisions - in collaboration with the Governance Stack WGRieks Joosten
5 minWhite paper nomination and call for participants - Develop a TOIP point of view paper for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators RFI to establish a centralized service for the collection and distribution of mDL public keys. 

Karen Hand - White Paper Task Force
5 minDraft  White Paper deliverable for WG review Digital Trust Marketplace FAQ Karen Hand - White Paper Task Force
10 minSolution Pack - Implementation plan deliverables plan updateSteve Magennis - Solution Pack Task Force


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Meeting Recording

Agenda & Note

  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
  2. Introduction of new members
    1. Rieks Joosten TNO ; discussing a whitepaper being worked on
    2. Jan Lindquist
  3. EU Data Governance Act
    1. Goals of this Act
      1. increase re-use of public data
      2. sharing of data among businesses
      3. help individuals share their personal data through intermediaries
      4. allow sharing of data on altruistic grounds
    2. Also see this blog post
    3. Disclaimer from Paul Knowles: "Please note that none of the companies represented in the "Master Mouse Model (MMM)" diagram have endorsed the MMM model and, as such, no contractual grounds should be implicated on that basis. The logos were included for illustrative purposes only to help explain the inner workings of the model."
  4. CCI GF Deliverable Nomination
    1. Drummond Reed at ToIP we do not produce GFs themselves. The CCI GF work falls into an Implementation Guide deliverable. Makes for a good hand-off to LFPH as a governance authority
    2. Will move to a draft deliverable status subject to absence of objections. See here (thank you Steven Milstein )
  5. White Paper Nomination on Decentralized SSI Governance
    1. Drummond - "There is some wonderful thinking about the role of governance in the development of digital trust ecosystems in this paper. I recommend it for anyone interested in this topic."
  6. AMDA - an external submission process is being considered similar to how it was done for Ontario
  7. Draft White Paper for WG review - parked for the next call
    1. Karen - "Concerning the Digital Trust Marketplace - as a WP to bring the work completed under the Ontario Onward consultation process - still some discussion on the focus - should this wp be broad or specifically identify it as a WP for governments"
  8. Solution Pack update


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