Meeting Schedule

  • November 19, 2020 11am est.


Agenda Items

1 minWelcome & Antitrust Policy Notice
4 minsIntroduction of new members
15 mins

Ontario Government - Market Consultation - Response review and Lessons learned 

Darrell O'Donnell 
RJ Reiser
David Luchuk

30 minsSolution Pack (Implementation Plan) Task Force - Review draft documents and works in progress, initiate pending documents. Discuss alignment with other WG activities. Members can sign up for this Task Force on the wiki pageSteve Magennis,
All Members
10 minsAOB - Ecosystem White Paper Task Force reminder - Members can sign up for this Task Force on the wiki pageAll Members


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Agenda & Note

  1. Welcome and Linux Foundation antitrust policy
  2. Introduction of new members
  3. Ontario Government Market Consultation
    1. RJ Reiser - introduction to the initiative (the link to the questions); the Ontario Govt has a plan to have a digital identity by 2021
    2. Darrell O'Donnell] the response has around 38 pages of content. 3w ago the Ontario Govt issued a market consultation (a form of RFI) - the questions in the document were really good (~20 odd questions; see link); multiple organizations viz. Sovrin are also responding to this. ToIP intends to take this content and use the content later in future work (even though this was a Confidential Consultation)
    3. Karl Kneis - what did we learn from this exercise? Are there rough spots in our own thinking related to the ToIP vision? Darrell O'Donnell - there has not been anything by way of contentious issues. What is the ToIP's remit for establishing a Trust Layer for the internet - what is the set of outcomes to drive etc
    4. David Luchuk - the presentation from the Minister ranged across topics also included an idea for a digital identity model to support service transformation for the government and being based on digital credentials. Examples of COVID-19 response etc were highlighted; examples of farmers registering their vehicles - shifting towards to the use of credentials connected to a secure digital ID would benefit both citizens and government
    5. Jay Fischbach -Ontario is also involved in DIACC - should ToIP would also be engaging with DIACC? Darrell O'Donnell remarks that this is an avenue which can and perhaps should be explored.
  4. Solution Pack (Implementation Plan) Task Force - update by Steve Magennis
    1. Next week would be when Eric Drury will make available first drafts of the content for wider review and discussion
    2. Eric Drury - focusing on the first couple of phases would help in creating better content for outreach and offering guidance
    3. Karl Kneis clear, simple guidelines would be a good approach towards adoption of this content. How does the focus and on-going work at the Semantics WG plug in to this effort (see Paul Knowles )? Drummond Reed - the group is like an overlay on the whole stack and not specifically tied to the layers.


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